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Are you a Believer?

SixWays It has been awhile since my last post. I have been working on finding top players to do a Q & A with me. If everything works out I should have some really good emails coming my way.

This time Believer82 was nice enough to take some time to helpout. Believer82 (JohnyWorld on UB) is ranked 33 on Pocketfives and has put up some very nice scores. Some of his big wins include the UB 75k and the Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan.

How did you get to the high buy-in tournys?

"I got to high buy in tournys over a period of a couple years playing small stakes building up a bankroll and moving into higher buy in tournys, I had won around 200k in online tournys on my own then decided to be staked so I could play a full live and online schedule of higher buy in tourny's."

How do you deal with the frustration of variance?

"Variance can be horrible at times espicailly in tournys you can go a month or two with no scores and run horrible. It can be pretty frustrating, and make you not play your best at all. I try to just treat everyday I play as a brand new day and forget what happened the day before and just try and play your A game at all times and eventually you will pull through the rough patch. Study on your game also. "

What is a good strategy for playing during early levels at a table full of limpers?

"During the early level play a tight aggressive game. Raise 3 times the bb and one extra time for every limper is a ok strategy. Also you can limp your suited connectors weaker hands to try and flop a monster and snap off a weaker hand .. but I dont think you should be playing tricky the first hour just play a solid A game"

Late in a tourny, near bubble w/ a stack of 10bb on a table w/ no other shortstacks, how would you play?

"Late in a tourny 10bb is about the point you stop raising and start shoving, you dont have a big enough stack to reraise and get someone to fold. Dont get blinded down though you can wait a orbit or two dont get below 7 bb. I would shove any two before then. Once you get up to 13 14 bb you can make a standard raise again if you wish but then its back to shoving."

Best tip you would give lower level players?

"At lower levels no need to be tricky just play a tight aggressive game . Pick on the weak players near the bubble and big money spots.. Study alot online and get PokerXfactor or some online tools to improve your game and talk poker with better players than you."

Thanks Believer!!
If you happen to see Believer82 stop by and give him a thank you.


Mr_Taterhead says

Thanks for sharing this.


lakeoffire says

Thanks Six, I really like these interviews!


Anonymous says

Nice interview. Thanks for the tips.


crunk_ninja (Anonymous) says

and sixways pulls through once again. nice work sir!


Anonymous says

Are these softwares like pokerxfactor helpful? I am a micro stakes player and cannot seem to make any decent wins other then in 45 player sngs and only once did I final table the 4.40 180 and finish 7th place after 5 ties trying. i don't like to deposit much over 20 bucks but can make that last for about 3 months at my level. I have looked into some of the softwares and tools but I think the cost was $150 to join and a monthly fee of 25 bucks? Before I make a purchase I was wondering if they are in fact helpful in making players more aware of opponents calling ranges and such? Any help on what or where is welcomed by myself. Thanks for any help Marc


SixWays says

I am not a member of PokerXFactor myself due to the funds like you. I do have some close friends who are members and they love it.They say it has helped them alot. But as all training go's you have to use it right. Differant training sites have differant things to offer. Some more focused on MTT , some cash(ring).


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