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Almost done!

I have played 2 sessions of poker in the last 2 weeks. I've been extremely busy with exams, which sucks since I was going on a bit of a tear before that. I had made a final table in like 4 consecutive sessions leading up to my forced break, though they were nothing major and I didn't book a win in any of them.

I only squeezed in three tourneys on Sunday, and ended up making a pretty deep run in the sunday $11/250k, busting out in 130th (or something like that) after jamming 8bb's from the button with KQs and somehow lost to 99 after he turned quads for a boring non-sweat.

I wrote an exam Tuesday morning after getting like 2 hours of sleep. I was hovering at about a 20% confidence level when I woke up on Monday, and ended up studying for 12 hours straight, going to bed for a few hours, and waking up at 6am to cram another 2 hours or so. I still feel like I got about 50% and actually might have a sweat to see if I passed the course since this exam was worth 50% of the final grade. I got home from the exam at about 11:30 and was asleep no later than 11:35. I woke up at 6pm and just sat on the couch not really doing much, but was dozing off for a good percentage of the rest of the day. I figured I'd be gone to bed by midnight (standard bedtime is about 3am), and was well on my way to that. I decided to open up FTP for some reason, only to discover that it was turbo night, which means that I'd be staying up until about 6am again. Joy!

I ended up final tabling a $5 PLO tourney and making a couple other deep runs, finishing with a whopping $4.xx in profits on the night, which is what we all love.

My last exam is monday morning, and I'm going to get ridiculously drunk for the following 3 or 4 days before moving back to my parent's house and grinding online for the summer. I've made a vow to myself to start golfing again this year. From ages 13-19 I played ~80 rounds a year on average, but have played maybe 15 rounds in the last two summers combined. I'll be taking a couple of courses online to try and finish up my degree next year. I think I'm half of a course behind pace as of right now, so I'm hoping to earn a few credits via distance so I can take a reduced course load in the fall and winter semesters. With those all of those items combined (plus drinking on Wednesday evenings watching baseball), I really feel like there is just no time to be doing silly things like having a job and contributing to society, so instead I'll hang out in my parents' basement in front of a computer until the wee hours of the morning. I can't effing wait.

In the meantime, I've strayed somewhat from my tradition of wearing the same pants everyday during my exam period in favor of shorts. I've also always grown my own version of a playoff beard in years past, but for some reason, turning 22 makes the ability to actually grow facial hair start to kick in, so the beard was getting all gross and scruffy and visible, so I shaved tonight and now have a mustache. Not sure how long I'll be keeping this little piece of awesome, but meh.

Finally, a free plug for some friends (not like anybody reads this blog anyway lol). A really cool project started up by a couple friends called Tournament Poker Edge, which is a brand new training site exclusively for tournaments. The idea is really cool and is one of, if not the first of it's kind in a sense that it is exclusively tournament training. They have a few tourney superstars of the online world (HITTHEPANDA, bigdogpckt5s and more), and while it has literally just launched, and is still in the ground-level stages, there are a few videos up that seem really compelling. If I know anything about the guys who are in charge of this operation, this is going to be a pretty awesome project with some really good content.

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