Archive Jul 2010: Confessions of a micro grinder

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live poker-- cliffs.

(1:09:21 AM) Grady:
someone was talking about phil laaks marathon session and how he played 104 hours or whatever, someone mentions that his longest was 14
(1:09:31 AM) Grady:
i explain that i play online all the time and do 14 regularly
(1:09:58 AM) Grady:
he goes on a rant about online being rigged and that he's gotten deep in to tourneys all the time only to have AK run in to AA
(1:10:17 AM) Grady:
"oh you know, 2000 people, get down to 300 and you get suckered"
(1:10:21 AM) Grady:
(1:10:25 AM) Grady:
(1:10:29 AM) Grady:
head asplode
(1:10:35 AM) Brett:
(1:10:42 AM) Grady:
and then a guy goes $5 utg dark
(1:10:46 AM) Grady:
i pop to 25 wiht AK
(1:10:55 AM) Grady:
he jams 42 more i call he has AA
(1:11:01 AM) Grady:
i ask to chop he says no
(1:11:26 AM) Grady:
then i jam A2 on AK7 get called turn 7 i'm going home for a beer

-2 buyins! spite winning like 1k tomorrow. online tho.

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