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thebigeasy59 In point form-

- I found a full on backer. I'm going to make a fuckload of money for him.
- I'm trying to stay positive, however:
- I'm going through a "breakup"- nothing was official to begin with, but this certainly wasn't my idea, and I'm upset about it. pwned.
-As result, I've gone to 2 classes this week. I know it's stupid, but I can't bring myself to getting up before 2PM this week. I'll figure something out by monday, but this week has been brutal.
- we're back on the liquor; not that we were ever off the liquor, but since Christmas, I've been drinking moreso than ever. That said, I've also won more money since December 1 that I had for the 6 months combined prior to that.
-I'm running like death over the last couple days. I'm like 4/12 with KK/AA over the last couple days, and most of these losses have been either busting tourneys or crippling. It's not usually like me to bitch about beats, but with the extracurricular stuff going on.... sigh.
-random sightings- watching poker after dark-> phil laak is obv terrible, but antonio seems to play really well and is underrated. I mean obv he's a live pro, and I understand that he plays weird (which is a lot coming from a fucking kid with a $7 abi) but I find myself really impressed with his game, and his inability to do retarded things that other live pros do.

I think it's time for bed. I'm drunk and upset and kind of tired and have nothing left to say. I could actually go on for hours based on the above, but won't.



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