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65th in Absolute Pokers 2K tournament

okay.. so everything was great. first hand AK with 2K on the flop. with lots of action. it was obvious that i was going to be starting off well. my next hand AA, next AJ. i was just getting unbelievable hands for what seemed like every time. however, after our first break i was put at a table with a gentleman who i have a history with. he always pushes preflop with pockets and he'll only push in regards to how strong his hands are and also hes constantly raising to bully.. good but bad. quickly my chip stack was doubled again with his money. 2nd break happened and i was getting bored. i was playing with zero mistakes and i was happy. however then it happened, after the second break. (another guy i have a history with) he pushes preflop. i have pocket 10 10. and i know im up on him because hes raised preflop the last 10-12 hands we played just because he has so many chips. i thought this was the time i was going to increase my chip stack. he raised me 25 percent of my stack. i called. flop was 8 3 2. he raises 50 more percent, i go all in. he flops A J. i thought (shit) sure enough 9 on the turn and J on the River. so i was out 65th. in the 2k tournament.

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