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I am wafflecrush

ckingusc So after talking with the wafflecrush guys some the past few days I am now officially playing under their stake for ONLINE play. Live is still on my own dime however it might be something we discuss eventually in the future. The terms of the deal I wont reveal however lets just expect to see me putting in a large volume of online tournaments over the next few months. I'm really excited to do well and haven't been this motivated to play in a long time. I think it's the combination of not having to worry about my roll as well as a chance to prove my ability as a poker player to good players who have a direct interest in how i do.

Also i wanted to do a PLB bet with my friend for this month but he's already in a big one with the pocket 5s challenge along with being in the bahamas and thus not going to put the volume in that he is going to want to if he wants to win the bet. However we will be doing it in february for sure.


had to try it out, feels good


Anonymous says

congrats! Crush it!


lakeoffire says

Good to hear, man. Good Luck.


EdmondDantes says



TwoRagsStaff says


Anonymous says

good luck. Make the boys tons of money!!!!


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