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beat: short stacking is fun

so today i decided to shortstack some 5/10 as i had done it in the past and it's extremly profitable so far. I prefer doing it at full ring, buying in for 200 and just waiting for good hands and making the occasional open raise/resteal. So often players will call you with weak pairs just preying to bust or double you so that you will leave. It's basically alot of times just getting paid $200 to just go away. I play with a 2 buyin stop loss and when i hit it, im done for the next hour. So far i've only hit this twice out of not too many hands. Here are some of the standard hands that go on:

It's pretty simple to wait for hands and you can usually go 2/3 orbits without playing a hand and be fine, also usually in this time you can just steal blinds or resteal like so:

So it's my guilty pleasure to short stack, but i just can't help it, it's like your playing a tournament with normal reshove strategy while the rest of the table is playing the hands like a cash game. They are rolled for the games and will take marginal EV decisions for 1/5 of their buyin. This in turn is very profitable for the short stacker. However because of this game based on aipf strength of hands it can be slightly higher variance however i feel in full ring you can play a tighter game and not have to squeeze so many hands with a particularly wide range. (however if button raises and sb calls, im squeezing 89s all day).

Still either way, off of a total of 55 hands i finished up just under ~$800 on the night short stacking, ez money imo

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