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ok this is completely stupid but...

I was thinking about the few online staking groups that are around and i had the thought of how to describe them as far as play and personality goes. This is what i came up with:

imagine if you will a movie where the new kid comes to a high school and sits with the 3 kids in the whole school that aren't part of a clique, and they tell the main character about the cliques in school. There are the jocks, the nerds, the asians, etc etc. This is my poker version of this:

Bax and sheets: The jocks, there are a ton of them and they are highly successful if not particularly the brightest bunch (player wise)

Timex: The chess club. They are extremely smart and successful if not a bit nerdy at times. However they can have that quirky nerd humor thats really fun but passive in its tone and delivery.

JJ/Sorel: The championship hokey team. They are really good and popular, but at the same time its just the hockey team, when it comes down to it, who really cares about the hockey team.

mhrep: the class clowns. You notice how loud and funny the can be, sometimes you forget that they actually do pertty well too.

wafflecrush: The cool kids. Yes thats right, we're the cool kids damn it. You either hate us or you love us, just like the cool kids.

The pros: The teachers. No one likes em except that one hot girl who always hits on her teachers really obviously.

Lee Jones: The cool vice principle. Think Mr. Feeny from "boy meets world"

The daily randoms: That kid who sat next to you in 3rd period geomentry sophmore year, ya know he was also in the backseat of your English class freshman year...

ok thats enough, ill stop rambling there

Sunday Mill FT, long time since post

So I was fortunate enough to final table the Sunday Million. It was pretty exciting and despite my poor fortune to get 7th it was really satisfying after a week of FT bubbles and I played really really well. I cashed for almost 20k which is cool even if I lost a 100k equity pot. I'm not extremely bitter, but obviously I'm not immune to wishing I had won more.

Here is the obligatory final hand: Mill final hand

I've got the full HH that im not sure on if I'm going to make the whole thing available or not publicly, however shaun deeb will probably be making a video, critiquing my play for his training site I haven't gotten to play the past few days because of my sleep schedule being so messed up by the Mill FT. Hopefully I can keep it all up for march

Most frustrating "successful" day of my life

from my post on 2+2:

26th in FUPER, 26th in Stuper, 6th in 50FO, 7th in $26 donkfest on FTP, 22nd in $150 32k guarenteed.

and for the additional torture, FUPER = 99 < 88 AIPF 8 river, STUPER = AT < KJo turn K, 50FO = A5 < Q5o AIPF, donkfest = AQs < KQs AIPF, 32k guar = 99 < 57o allin on 46x flop.


think that says it all, very frustrating

Super Bowl tomorrow

So the super bowl is tomorrow and being as im not from Mass. I hate the patriots and hope they lose. Apparently we are having a party which is kinda weird cause i was planning on going to a friends party. So now it looks like i might split them by doing ours for first half and then going to friends as i havent hung out with that group in a long time. Good part about here is that other people already bought the keg and food and we have a really big living room with a huge few big TV's and a sick surround sound (/brag).

As far as poker goes i havent played a whole lot this past week due to personal reasons but starting next week i probably will get back into it full swing.

Well that didnt last long

Won the 8k guarenteed ($100buyin, 2pm) on UB for $2280 today, looks like it's served it's time. Unless it's lucky and thus i should keep it...
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