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April/May Review

DeuceSeven Man I'd love to have a monthly review every month but fml I'm so busy. OK so here it goes.

In April I went to Vegas on my one weekend off of the month which is when I usually get in 20-35 mtts. So I only got in 70 mtts online and 5 mtts live. I don't count the live mtts I played in Vegas since no way was I rolled for 4 of the 5 mtts I played. Of the 70 mtts online I started out on my 2nd session with high hopes but after winning a $8.80 with 142 runners I ran JJ into AA at a ftp $75/18k ft to bust 8th which paid a measley $324 and $535 when first in the 18k was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5k. After that session everything went downhill and I finished with a monthly profit of $190 which is pretty disappointing.

May was similar to April as my first session saw me get deep in 3 mtts where the combined prizepools were somewhere close to 120k. My only ft of the 3 saw me bust ATs<A8o aipf for a 70bb+ pot vs a spastic retard for a crappy 8th place finish. I'm not gonna lie this sort've put me on tilt as I see friends suck out, win flips, or just plain have their hands hold at fts. This never happens to me. Finishing 8th in the ftp $26/28k was brutal as the only guy that had a bit of a clue was the guy who knocked me out. Granted most $26 fts are going to be soft but this was softer then normal and getting busted by an idiot where I pretty much was guaranteed a top 3 hurts. I sucked it up played well but every session I played since I keep getting outdrawn or getting coolered. So based on my runbad after 94 mtts I managed to finish with a loss of $1547.

I got moved to a shift where I can't just randomly decide that on any given day I can put in a mtt session. So I'm going to try and grind 50nl fr when I can't play mtts. At the moment I've played around 800 hands and things haven't went that well and I'm down around $25. God I hope things turn around I'm tired of getting fucked at every ft that has a prizepool of at least 15k.

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