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Takin a shot and WBCOOP

DeuceSeven At work things have been really slow, so my company I still technically work for decided to transfer 6 of us to other departments for less pay. I wasn't really crazy working for 4k less per year so I decided to quit. I'm going to take a shot at playing small/mid stakes mtts starting out around a $22 average buy in.

This wasn't an easy decision I went through a range of emotions after finding out I was being transferred. At first I was pissed, which seems obvious. I was like fuck this place I'm going to play poker for a living w/out really looking at the big picture. About a week or 2 later I got irrationally scared because my family was telling me it was a bad idea and in most cases my family gives great advice, but they don't understand that over the long run poker is absolutely profitable. Finally after talking to a few more friends who were in good jobs and who could easily take a shot if they were single told me it seemed like a feasible and maybe even a great idea. At that point after looking at living expenses, my bank roll, and my savings I decided this might be my only shot to give this a try.

I took a careful examination of whether keeping my job or going pro(I say going pro cuz it's quicker then saying playing mtts for a living) was the best idea. The money assuming I have around a 50% roi was going to be a bit more going pro so this point was a wash. Benefits, well benefits have gotten worse the more I worked at my job and expect it to get much worse when our contract ends in July, but still my previous job had an edge here.

The next thing I looked at was which option would I be happier. Playing a game I love with the ability to put 100% of my energy into it given my competitive drive has a huge edge over doing some mundane, slightly dangerous job. At my job I was going to have to work from 6pm-6am 14 of every 28 days which sounds beyond shitty where as going pro I'd work 8-12hrs/day starting around 2pm 5 days/week again edge by a long shot goes to going pro. The next thing to look at was taking personal days off. At my job even if you're sick with a doctor's excuse you get charged an incident after 3.5 incidents in you're in deep shit and can't miss another day for like a year or you're close to getting fired, poker you can take a day off whenever the fuck you want, edge by a long shot poker.

So as of today I have about an 11k bank roll and close to 8 months living expenses. As I mentioned I'm going to start out playing around a $22 abi and get in about 400 mtts/month. I'll post a bit in what my goals are for 2010 including some life goals in a few days.

I heard that the wbcoop is coming up on pokerstars. The wbcoop is a series of freerolls for poker bloggers and since I both blog and like free money I'm going to sign up to play.

click to enlarge the image

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 225608

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