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Welcome Aboard, Shaun ****ing Deeb

I love poker, the Tournament side of it that is, which comes as no surprise to those of you who are close to me or happen to read this blog. I’ve been playing for the better part of 4-5 years now and despite moderate success here and there I am firmly sitting on the frustrated side of variance. Not being one to rant and rave about luck, in print that is, lets just say that if this variance thing is supposed to even out I’m due a big time major heater.

Now, being a self reflective person by nature, I spend a lot of time thinking about my game, specifically tournament poker. While I consider myself better than the average player in the world of MTT’s, I’m far, far, far away from the elite level and it’s time for me to try to find new ways to close that gap some. The desire to improve upon my skill set and thereby increase my bottom line has been building within me for quite some time. To those that don’t grind the online MTT’s, it can be hard to conceptualize just how difficult it is to be meaningfully successful. The line is an incredibly fine one that I often find myself on the wrong side of.

Being that I’m no longer 21 and can’t travel the world with all of you young ballers has made finding new ways to improve my game pretty tough. Thus far I’ve been pretty much self-taught. Being a working man with a family has robbed me of that constant conversational element which is a benefit to those who are lucky enough to have it. Hearing and discussing different ways to approach the game, play hands etc…. is an invaluable resource. I do the best I can within a small circle of friends, most of whom are predominantly live game players. The major exception has been my friend Body Man D, an online junkie like myself who shares similar life circumstances and is presently having a breakout year. Way to go man, very well deserved.

Being a big fan of Bond’s articles (isn’t everyone) and knowing how important Adam Junglen was to his progression as a player I decided a while ago that finding a coach would be a natural next step for me. My search began several months ago with a PM to Shaun Deeb to gauge if he’d be interested in mentoring me. Fast forward several months and we have a deal in place. Why Shaun? Well I wanted to aim high (no pun intended), he’s an immense talent with a super LAG playing style which is different than my own and he has the sickest ability to grind like no other mortal. Furthermore, he’s full of integrity, a trait I find very important as the online scene becomes more and more prevalent in the poker world. Bottom line is he just seems to get it and on top of that he’s an incredibly nice guy. I also must add that I’m absolutely flattered that Shaun has agreed to take me on as his student. Admittedly having a coach who is presently on a world tour that would make many rock stars envious comes with its own set of challenges, the biggest being time. We’ve been doing the best we can while Shaun’s been in Europe and with his return to the States imminent the time element should improve some until we have our first face to face session.

So a great big humble welcome aboard Coach Deeb. Hopefully you can teach this old dog some new tricks.

Good Riddance March

It wasn’t enough being sick for more than half the month, the Poker Gods also decided to kick me while I was down.


March was my worst month of tournament poker in a long, long while. The bad beats and coolers that began in full force with the start of 2008 reached epic levels in March. Dare I say (or pray) that things can only get better from here? In limited play without any significant cashes I dropped nearly 5K, barf. What I hoped would be a breakout year has had a pretty horrible start. Alas, help is on the way.


I may be done with $1/$2. My last 5 online sessions have been at $2/$4 and I intend to try to remain there during the infrequent occasions I sit down for a cash session. I think it became really difficult to take $1/$2 seriously after playing a lot of $5/$10 and $10/$20 live at Borgata over the past few months. There’s a healthy amount of $ in play when 4-6 tabling $2/$4 so it appears that I’ll be giving it a solid try in the coming months.

In March I broke even at $1/$2 and won 3+ buy ins at $2/$4. I didn’t play any live cash.

On a final note, Johan Santana is the nuts.

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