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Hanging With Shaun + the Borgata 2K Deep Stack

A week ago Friday I met up with Shaun at Borgata for what would be my first face to face coaching session. While I waited for him to arrive I churned some $5/$10 NL profits. Shaun navigated his way to AC a little late due to his GPS going haywire on him. We grabbed a quick bite and headed to the room to begin the nightly grind. The plan we discussed at dinner where Shaun would limit his tables to about 6 or so to allow us to really focus on the coaching aspect quickly went out the window. Shaun just can’t help himself, he’s a true blue “degen” and I mean that in a good way. Within a short time there were a gazillion miniature tables all over Shaun’s laptop. From 8PM until 3AM Shaun kept up the grind and continued coaching me as I tried to absorb it all.

At some point past midnight we loaded one of my old hand histories into a replayer on my laptop and reviewed it in fine detail as Shaun continued to multi table (he’s clearly a savant). I received plenty of well deserved “dude wtf’s” and discussed plenty of spots with Shaun opening my eyes to different ways to look at situations, awesome.

Not only is Shaun a professional grinder but the boy knows how to sleep. I on the other hand must have been a farmer in a past life because when daylight breaks despite blackout curtains, my internal clock says it’s time to make the donuts, just brutal. So at 5:45 after 2+ hours of sleep I lay in bed awake trying to will myself back to sleep to no avail. At 7:00 I shower, detour to Starbucks and wind up at the $5/$10 tables. After a few hours and a few more bucks to the positive I head back to the room and wake Shaun up. We head downstairs, eat a quick breakfast of Philly Cheesesteaks and Cheeseburgers and get back to the grind. Oh the healthy life.

The grind session began early afternoon and went well into Saturday night. During the day I met a fellow 2+2er steve the donk who joined us in the room during his 15 minute Super Satellite breaks where by the way he crushed his way to a seat. After a failed attempt at a nap late afternoon I loaded up some tables and grinded while continuing my education sitting alongside Shaun.

After another great information filled day we got to sleep at a decent hour so we’d be ready to play the $2000 NL Deep Stacked tournament on Sunday morning. I got a solid 5 hours weeeeeee and repeated the prior mornings steps winding up at the cash tables before 8AM. There was already a line formed for the 2K registration and I quickly jumped on. After a brief cash session the line had diminished and I went to grab some breakfast, Shaun had wanted to sleep until 10-10:30 (tourney started at 11:00 and he still needed to register). Big mistake. When we finally made it downstairs the lines stretched from the Poker Room well out into the casino, way past Wolfgang’s for those familiar with Borgata, wow. Long story short a limited number of alternate tickets were handed out and subsequently scalped to the highest bidders. Borgata accommodated 776 players and probably another 250 got turned away including Shaun and Gboro, meh. I sat down to play at 11:00 while Shaun and Gboro headed up to the room to grind the Sunday donkaments.

I went up to the room during the breaks every 2 levels. Early afternoon Astrolux joined the Sunday grind session in our room. The 2K liveament wasn’t really interesting, my opening table was very tight solid, no real spewiness and therefore it was tough to extract chips because we were playing 11 handed due to the oversell and somebody always had it. I won a couple of really nice pots with the 64cc and lost every time I found a big Ace. I saw AA shown at my table at least 15 times. Big pockets were widely distributed all around except to my seat, oh wait I got QQ once and flopped quads and found no action. The only known player at the table was Karlo Lopez who I’ve played with before and spent some time chatting with, I always find Karlo a fun guy to have at the table. With the table chip lead about 8 ½ hours into the day my table broke and I got moved to the table from hell. As I took my seat the dealer was peeling the turn card in what was a pretty juicy pot already. 20 minutes later it goes check check on the river, wtf!!! I would’ve called a clock had Bodog Ari not been in the hand. As it turned out he raked a really nice pot and would go onto a 3rd place finish good for 6 figures, well done sir. On it went, every hand everybody had a seemingly life or death decision to make. What a brutal table. My day ended during the last level of the day. I’m not in the mood to type out the action, but in my mind I got slow rolled really badly by AA which fit with the theme of the slowest acting table ever, I mean ever. Live players suck really bad and the more I play live the more I don’t want to which makes no sense at all.

At 11PM after busting the boys were still in the room and we just hung as Shaun continued to grind after Gboro and Astrolux finished up their sessions. Sometime around midnight Gboro says “Hey Doyle wanna go for some drinks?” LOL, not this early riser who’s been up since 6AM. Gboro and Astrolux headed down for some booze and I grabbed another couple of hours of coaching and room service as Shaun continued to grind, what a frickin’ baller. At 2 or 3AM Gboro and Astrolux were back in the room trying to convince us to head downstairs to play a live SNG with them, oh to be young again. We had the good sense to decline and eventually got to sleep.

On Monday after some more profitable early AM cash I went back to the room and woke Shaun. We decided to drive back to my house in Pennsylvania and spend the day grinding. While Shaun grinded from the minute we hit my office my body and mind began to crash. We headed outside to the pool deck, Shaun with laptop in hand and I took a lounge chair and caught some zzzzzzz’s. After I woke we loaded another of my old HH’s into the replayer and did another great review while eating dinner as Shaun multi tabled. I began my session at 9PM which culminated with a Final Table in the Stars $20 Rebuy. Sitting comfortably in 3rd place I got it aipf from the BB against the player in 4th place who held AQ and snap called my shove. The A on the turn crushed me and I would up a disappointing 7th.

On Tuesday Shaun spent some time reconfiguring my desktop to make my multi tabling experience easier and then headed off to Turning Stone. During our time together Shaun was often times complimentary of my game, something which kind of surprised and inspired me. He also told me he got plenty out of discussing situations and hands with me too. I guess I was able to give him some insight into how somebody not nearly as good as him views certain situations :-)

Another thing we spent some time discussing was adjusting my life schedule so that I can play in the better nightly events as opposed to the early AM and occasional afternoon sessions that I became lazily accustomed to. Next update I’ll let you all know how it’s going.

Shaun and I have made plans to do this again in about a week from now. Hopefully the weather will be good so we can spend some time at the pool in the sun before grinding. All in all it was an enjoyable 5 days for me. Shaun’s a really good kid with a good head on his shoulders. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of a coach.


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