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"I'm as Determined as a MOFO"

Well it’s been a while since I last updated. Apologies go out to my friends and family who actually read this to keep up with my poker happenings, and thanks for bugging me to update.

A month has passed since Shaun left so there’s plenty to catch you up on. The big cashes continued to elude me as I continually fell just short of final tables in large fields or made them being short stacked. Part of this was clearly my own fault and I’m working with Shaun on some ways to fix this. Beyond that this year as a whole has been so frustrating where my deep runs are concerned. I’ve been reviewing a lot of my tournament hand histories and I simply want to vomit at the card distribution that has been dealt to me pretty much all year. To further compound the agony have been the coolers and bad beats I’ve taken when getting it in with premiums at final tables as thousands upon thousands in equity got flushed down the drain. The good news is that I recognize what my leaks are and I’m as determined as a mofo to fix them. Beyond that I have to believe that the card distribution will begin to even itself out.

The month of May wound up being pretty much break even, actually a tad to the negative online. After my trip to meet Shaun at Borgata early in the month I took another one a couple of weeks ago with my family where we pretty much relaxed, ate some good meals and even squeezed in a show (Kathy Griffin). I did well again at the $5/$10 NL tables and more than paid for the expense of the trip.

Despite being encouraged by Shaun among others to go out to the WSOP this summer I decided not to. My main goal continues to be becoming the online player that I want to be. So the trip to Vegas, while assuredly a great time (I’m sweating the blogs like crazy rooting for all of my online buds – most of whom I’ve regrettably yet to meet face to face) will have to wait another year as I remain dedicated to plugging away online. I’ve also decided to cut back the beefy schedule I had planned for the Borgata Summer Open which is just getting underway. Last year I played a bunch of sub events and the 5K Main Event. This year I’m planning to play in just one of the 1K’s and that’s it. Again it all comes down to wanting to put as much time as I can into an online schedule until I’m totally comfortable with my game. I’m hoping that I’ll be happy enough with where my online game is come September when the WPT comes back to Borgata so I can go enjoy myself down there and play to my hearts content.

That’s pretty much it for right now. My summer work schedule is on the light side by design so I’ve been swimming two-a-days trying to get myself back into better shape, laying in the sun a lot, spending plenty of time with my family and playing lots of hours online. Things could definitely be worse.



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