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Quick Update

Had a few minutes this morning so I decided to throw in a quick update. I wish there was more time to keep up with my blog but lately it’s been tough to find that free time.

Taking a month off from live

I’ve decided not to make a visit to Borgata this month for a couple of reasons. For one I really want to stick to the 4 session per week schedule thru the end of July that I made up for myself and going to Borgata would throw that off course. In addition, I’ll be taking a trip there in August and will probably spend too much time there in September as the WPT rolls into town.

Online Cash

Haven’t discussed online cash much lately because I haven’t been playing much and it’s certainly been showing in my results. Save for a good start to the month of July (it’s double FPP week) 3 of the last 4 months have been overall losers, though thankfully none of them were horrible. I’ve said it on more than one occasion; I don’t really love playing cash online and probably just do it once in a while just because it’s there. Despite the recent shortfall, I’m still a comfortable, yet unspectacular winner over the past year.

Online Tournaments

On the MTT front I’ve been putting in my online sessions with regularity. Since I last updated a few days ago I Final Tabled the $10 Rebuy busting 6th as I lost another big flip with AKs < 10 10, sigh. I bubbled a bunch of Final Tables as well. Of note were the $30 Rebuy where I went out 10th aipf with AQs < A5s; the $120 Deep Stack where I finished 12th busting aipf with QQ < 10 10 and the $150 Stars Nightly where I took 13th after being card dead/ and dutifully short stacking for what seemed like forever.

I can’t remember a stretch this prolonged without a nice score in a long, long while. Such is the life where MTT’s are concerned. Thankfully I’ve cashed enough where the past 6 months haven’t done any significant damage to my bankroll. My psyche on the other hand……. Well suffice it to say you need a really thick skin if you’re going to play MTT’s full time.


The good news is that despite the horrible run of variance I’m encountering I have never felt as good and as confident about my game as I do right now. I’ve been spending plenty of time working with Shaun, and as always he’s been awesome to have as both a coach and a friend. He just seems to instinctively know when and how to push and challenge me. He’s also super quick to let me know when he sees something he doesn’t like, which often begins a debate between the two of us over strategy which I humbly lose like every single time which happens to be the point of the whole thing to begin with.

Hope everybody enjoys their 4th of July weekend. To all of you in the WSOP Main Event best of luck. I wish I was there with you and fully intend to be next year.



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