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On pianos, iPhones and updates

Ok, so I haven't updated since Swami54 ran over me in the unofficial 2R last longer. But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Oh no, in fact it's been just this side of chaos at chez Edmond.

First, I was in NY last week and took Adanthar and his wife on a little tour of my stomping grounds when he had a moment in between AP scandal updates. For those interested, here's a little taste of the tour as presented by an award-winning film-maker.

Note by Note - The Making of L1037

By the way, that trailer features a comment by Harry Connick, Jr., a New Orleans native and jazz pianist. You may have seen him in Will & Grace. See him in concert...with a girl.

Second, I got my wife an iPhone for her recent birthday and while the activation of said phone was a breeze, the upgrade of her computer (because it didn't have USB 2.0 port) was less so. Ended up getting her and new MacBook Pro and after a couple of days of screwing around with iTunes libraries and a other file transfers, that little nightmare's over. On the plus side, she likes her phone. She did, though, ask me if I thought it was too big for the case I got her. I was like..."Are you seriously asking me if your phone looks fat in that case?" She's the best.

Third, had to work on a couple of letters of rec for a guy who used to work for me--last minute, London School of Economics...he's now in. And then one for a friend's son's PRESCHOOL application. That admission is pending. LA's a sick place.

Finally, we've been working on lots of cool new site improvements. Over the next few weeks---server willing--you'll see some great features for live tournament updating, exclusive video/instructional content, an interview with a High Stakes Poker player and a home page redesign to improve site navigation. I haven't had this much trouble sitting still since Season 1 of Prison Break. Seriously.


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