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EdmondDantes “Awesome. I think he’s gonna die.”

After insisting to my wife and friends that the flu bug that’s savaged everyone I know would leave me untouched, I was immediately hammered by same. I’ll be honest, I felt it coming on and thought I could brush it off with Contac and cough drops, but after a lunch meeting at the Commerce in which all I remember was fighting to stay conscious, I dragged myself home and resigned myself to ridicule.

My wife would have been well within her rights to let me suffer, but instead she responded like Clara Barton possessed and spent the next 24 hours pelting me with Tylenol and antibiotics and serving up a foul round of cough medicine shots every four hours. Our living room looked like a Civil War field hospital and the cat had a strangely satisfied look on his face.

“In seat 9…providing the overlay…EdmondDantes”

Forty-eight hours later, I’m happy to report that her strategy worked and I’m feeling 100% better, just in time for a crazy session lakong and I have planned with the folks from Live at the Bike, now known as PokerNetcast. On Monday night, we’ll be hosting a $1K buy-in single table tournament with hole cams, video, commentators, the whole shebang. The current line up includes: Adanthar, nath, Shaniac, SirWatts, shaundeeb, Jose Canseco, Thayer. The flu knocked out two of the scheduled players, so we’re still scrambling a bit but I’m pretty sure we’ll round the table out. As a last resort, LakeofFire or I will fill in the final spot.

In a few weeks, we’ll be posting this dark comedy, access to the LATB archives and providing some videos with commentary which we'll segue into some new instructional content. It should be some interesting and entertaining viewing, and we’re pretty excited about it. In any event, I’ll post after the completion of the sit-n-go and let you know how it went.



SixWays says

Very cool. Will the instructional content be posted on this site or on the pokernetcast site? It should be a very good game, can't wait to see how it turns out.


EdmondDantes says

Content will be posted on both our site and PokerNetcast. Still working out the details but basically mixing their content with commentary and color from our guys.


Anonymous says

Sounds like this is gonna be good.


Mr_Taterhead says

Oh boy. I cant wait. Sounds like a good opportunity for the site.

Work your magic and get Jose on board with 2rags.


Anonymous says

Didn't even know you were sick. You hide it well.

- S


Landlord79 says

That's quite a tough line up there! I wouldn't put my money up to play against that group! YIKES!


harlem. (Anonymous) says

Good luck and at a way to cowboy up while getting the flu.


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