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WSOP 06 structure vs WSOP 07 structure

EdmondDantes In a fit of OCD waiting for room service during my recent Tahoe trip, I compared the 2006 WSOP structure with the revised "double stack" structure for this year's WSOP. I applied the 2006 field attrition (interpreted from PokerWire posts) to both structures. Looks like the play will probably be pretty much the same.

WSOP 2006 structure vs 2007

I think it's going to be interesting to see how many entrants materialize. With online rooms unable to buy in directly for the event, I'm positive the number will be much lower. Think about it fro the typical player. He wins a satellite and Tilt transfers the $10,000+ to his account. For most guys, that's real money and could go a long way toward paying a few bills. I can definitely see a scenario where most satellite winners take the dough pay a few outstanding bills and MAYBE play smaller events or other live satellites to the event. I'm betting the total number of entrants will fall by almost 50%. I don't, though, this means the live poker is dying. The 2007 LA Poker Classic main event had 791 entrants vs. 692 in 2006.

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