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March results: BLAH!!!

Landlord79 March was absolutely blah!!! I made 2 trips to the Horseshoe - Bossier City, losing $600 and $150 for the trips. Mostly I think that I was card dead but on the first trip I was trying to push around calling stations which is always a bad idea. I learned some things in March about Cbetting and getting value out of weaker hands but I think that I referenced that last time. Maybe I'm just playing bad but it seems like variance is flowing against me right now.

I did make $381 on the internetz, so that helped slow the bleeding some. I was really disappointed as I hoped to make >$1k again in March. Maybe I just need to reapply myself and start to focus more, but for now I think that I'm gonna try to focus on what's important which is my wife, kid and relationship w/ God. Therefore my goal for April will be to enjoy poker again and only play when I want to and not to play just because I need to earn so many FPPs to qualify for whatever.

Oh, I played at a new home game again for the first time in a long time. I don't go to most due to the levels of cussing, but there was very little at this game on the first trip, so I came back a 2nd time. I netted about $40 between the trips. I do enjoy home games, I am able to come out of my guarded game which I play at Pokerstars and play some poker. I love talking smack and pushing around players who think they know what they are doing. Most don't know what to do w/ 3bets and squeezes since most of the time those moves are only made w/ Aces or Kings.

March results:
Lost ($712.00) in live play
Won $380.97 online, $252.00 of which was at 100NL (1400 hands)
Rakeback ~$6
Net: ($325.03)

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March Goals:
Earn bonus + rakeback on my new UB account - Nope
Maintain Goldstar on Pokerstars - Yep
Make $1k online - Nope
Make a trip to the casino to take some easy money from the live donks - Yes and No

April Goals:
Have fun
Earn the last 4k FPPs for the GS bonus on PS
Play on UB to earn my dep bonus + some rakeback

Here are a few hands for some of you eggspurts to look at and tell me what you think:

A hand that I feel a lot of people over estimate their equity.

2 Hands vs an Overbetting Villain that really confused me


Mr_Taterhead says

The middle part of your graph looks nice. Too bad the whole month wasnt like that.

Good luck this month.


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