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Bank roll building (cont)

Landlord79 I didn’t have very much time to play last night and wanted to be in bed early to get ready for my home game on Thursday night. I pulled up 3 $2+.25 Turbo SNGs and took a run at it. Last week I had done very well in these and thought that I could make a quick score again and be in bed by 10:00. I started out super-tight and waited for the idiots to knock themselves out, and eventually they did. The pace on these is so hecktick tough and the blinds were all over me before I knew it. On two tables I was above my starting stack and the other I was running low. I messed up on one of the tables I was doing well on and reraised a guy who doubled my big blind from M.P.; he called w/ A-Jo which completely dominated my A-8o. I was leading on the flop of K,Q,8, but the 10 on the turn gave him broadway. I blew that one up on the bubble. I don’t think that was a good play on my part at this level.

Memory fails me on how I lost the other table, but the last table I went bust on the bubble as well. Since it was my last table I was paying very close attention and had a pretty good read on my opponents and also knew the guy on my immediate right was a good player from the cash games. His full ring $10NL stats are that of a Rock, so that gave me some insight into knowing that I could steal from him pretty liberally. I had watched him steal from the CO here four handed for the previous two rounds and took a mental note that that BB would fold his hand pretty often. This round the Rock folded and I bailed off with my average stack of 4 big blinds and put it all in w/ 8-7o hoping that he would once again fold his BB. Well, he didn’t and I was dominated once again by an A-7s. He turned an A and I went 0 for 3 on the turbo SNGs.

The roll stands just over $50.

Please see my home page for the full story on this bankroll building process that I started last week from $12.


Anonymous says

these sng's are like that. While it does take skill in the long-term, each one requires a great deal of luck. So the skill will put you in a position to win 'if you get lucky'. I also find that the skill factor kicks back in once you get heads-up. So skill is important at the beginning until the blinds kick in and at the end. Also, your skill will give you the ability to make intelligent decisions, however even with your intelligent decision you usually have to risk your stack several times and you rarely better than a 60% favorite many times.

On the A8 vs. AJ hand, it wasn't clear why you had to lose all of you chips, so perhaps you can explain how it went down. On the 87 hand, with only 4bb, you probably made the correct move.

Keep up the hard work. I'm enjoying following you progress!


Landlord79 says

On the A8 vs AJ hand, I pushed pf.

Thanks for the support.


EdmondDantes says

I think sngs can be very profitable but you need to really focus and be relentless once you get to the bubble. What were your stack sizes in the A8o hand? Also, have you ever used the sitngo-analyzer at It's pretty instructive. There's also some good info here...



Anonymous says

I noticed in another post that you use gametime+. Have you tried HUD? I have found this to be much better, at least better than the version of gametime+ that was available about a year ago.


Landlord79 says

You mean PAHUD? I have not due to the legal landscape. As soon as Barney Frank comes through for internet gambling I'll be very happy to upgrade to Poker Ace HUD.

I had over 2k in chips w/ starting stacks of only 1500. I thought I had a lot of Fold Equity. I just need to remember that when I get called w/ weak aces like that I will usually be in a very bad situation.
Thanks again,


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