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My Forays in Multi-Tabling $25NL

Mr_Taterhead Ok just a quick little weekly update for the 2 people that read this little thing they call a blog. I am still currently 12 tabling $25NL and it is going okay. I am about half way to becoming SilverStar VIP. I think I need less than 700VPPs to achieve this and then I can work on getting my $50 bonus, which costs 5,000 FPPs. I have played close to 6K hands already this month. The most hands I ever put in at Bodog was 5K and I am going to destroy that this month. I hope to have 3x that amount, but we will see.

The month started off bad when I jumped into $50NL, because Landlord79 was playing, and promptly dropped 3BIs. That is what I get for trying to keep up with the Joneses. I have recovered all of that spewfest and I am back in the black for the month. I also have already cleared my initial $50 bonus that ‘Stars offered me. I am still messing around with HU SNGs and dabbling in $25NL on Bodog when I don’t feel like grinding 12 tables of cash on Stars. I have been running pretty well at the HU SNGs.

So for the month I am up about 5BIs between cash games on Stars and Bodog and with the $50 bonus that I earned that makes me at +7BIs of $25NL.

Oh, LL79 and I decided that we will not be going to Tunica. We decided to make a long weekend trip to the Horseshoe-Bossier City instead. I have heard that the cash games in Tunica were really not that good, so that made me feel good about our decision.

It’s all about putting yourself in profitable situations, fellas.

Good Luck!!!



Jillychemung says

If you play tournaments then consider playing the FPP satellites as your ROI should be better than $.01/FPP


Mr_Taterhead says

I really dont have teh time it takes to play a tourney, but I will check them out.


Im new to this whole FPP stuff.


lakeoffire says

How many screens are u using?


Mr_Taterhead says

I am just a mini baller who uses one 20 inch LCD flat screen. I am tiling with a little overlap. Seems to be working fine. I tried to stack them, but I couldnt stand clicking an action and my tabling disappearing into thin air. I am working on getting a bigger widescreen. Maybe use my FPPS!!!!


EdmondDantes says

Tater, by my count, three of us have read your blog now.


xxrod17xx says

4 lol I just didnt get around to it until now, nice job with the grindage...ill be making my way over to stars 25NL soon Ill have to get the lowdown from you and LL79 about what to expect.


Landlord79 says

Am I #5? I can't wait to crush the soft $1/3 game at the Shoe! Let's gogogogogogogogogo!!!!!!!!


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