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LOL Livepokeraments!!!!!

OK, time for a quick little update. I have moved up to regularly 9-12 tabling $50NL on PokerStars after a couple of good runs at the $25NL tables. I am <100 VPP’s from becoming a SilverStar VIP, which I should be able to clear by the time the weekend rolls around. I am up close to 15 BI’s at $25NL this month online, but my live results are much less impressive.

I was able to go over to Horseshoe-Bossier City last Friday for some live $1/$3NL action and what a disaster it turned out to be. I could never get anything going and I ended up dumping close to 2BIs at the casino for the 2 days that I was there. I swear I have never seen so many J4's in my life. Sometimes live poker can be so painful. On Saturday morning I sat at my table for almost 4 hours, before I voluntarily put money into a pot and won. It was a bad weekend trip to the ‘Shoe for me, but Landlord79 had a nice little profit. Take a look at his blog for a nice trip report. This was the first time in over a year that I came back from the casino with less money than I went there with.

Here is a pic of Harper enjoying part of his supper!!!!

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Good Luck, guys!!!!


My Forays in Multi-Tabling $25NL

Ok just a quick little weekly update for the 2 people that read this little thing they call a blog. I am still currently 12 tabling $25NL and it is going okay. I am about half way to becoming SilverStar VIP. I think I need less than 700VPPs to achieve this and then I can work on getting my $50 bonus, which costs 5,000 FPPs. I have played close to 6K hands already this month. The most hands I ever put in at Bodog was 5K and I am going to destroy that this month. I hope to have 3x that amount, but we will see.

The month started off bad when I jumped into $50NL, because Landlord79 was playing, and promptly dropped 3BIs. That is what I get for trying to keep up with the Joneses. I have recovered all of that spewfest and I am back in the black for the month. I also have already cleared my initial $50 bonus that ‘Stars offered me. I am still messing around with HU SNGs and dabbling in $25NL on Bodog when I don’t feel like grinding 12 tables of cash on Stars. I have been running pretty well at the HU SNGs.

So for the month I am up about 5BIs between cash games on Stars and Bodog and with the $50 bonus that I earned that makes me at +7BIs of $25NL.

Oh, LL79 and I decided that we will not be going to Tunica. We decided to make a long weekend trip to the Horseshoe-Bossier City instead. I have heard that the cash games in Tunica were really not that good, so that made me feel good about our decision.

It’s all about putting yourself in profitable situations, fellas.

Good Luck!!!


You must be kidding...Who doesn't use Cut and Paste?

Ok so I was working on posting two trip reports from my last two trips to the Horseshoe-Bossier City and just as I soon as I hit the post button it says something like server is busy try again and you guessed it all my words vanished into cyberspace. Grrrrr.....

So now instead of detailed reports everyone gets Cliff Notes:

In 2 trips to the Horseshoe-Bossier City, I made $750 total. The first trip I made a whopping $35 and on the Friday before Christmas I made $735. The first trip I was up and down and struggled to get even and once I got up I called it a day and booked a winner. The second trip the biggest hand I had was early on when I limped on the button with 10-7o and the flop was 6-8-9 and I got a guy to stack off with me from the SB when he flopped the bottom end with 5-7o. Its always fun to be on the good side of a cooler.

For the month of December I made about $800 playing poker and most of it was live. I cashed out all my money on Bodog and made the switch to PokerStars. I am currently working on 8-10 tabling $25NL event hough I am fully rolled for $100NL. I want to get my feet wet before I jump into the waters over at 'Stars. I will probably start multi-tabling $50NL once I get back from Tunica (Jan 16-19) and then hopefully move to $100NL if the $50NL experiment goes well.

My Jan 08 Goals are:

Play 10K hands online and achieve SilverStar/GoldStar VIP.
Blog here more.
And of course come back from Tunica a winner.


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