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January Results. February Goals.

Mr_Taterhead Pretty meh month.

Lost $530 at the Horseshoe-Bossier City on Landlord79's Birthday :(
Won $315 on Stars MTabling uNL
Won $165 on Bodog playing HU SNG's and uNL
Cleared $50 bonus on Stars.

My Jan 08 Goals were:

Play 10K hands online and achieve SilverStar/GoldStar VIP.
"Check-SilverStar VIP"
Blog here more.
"Bout the same"
And of course come back from Tunica a winner.
"Didn't end up going, but lost at the 'Shoe

Feb 08 Goals are:

1.Become GoldStar VIP at PokerStars.
2.Play 17.5K hands.
3.Win >4ptbb/100 @ $50NL
4.Take some shots at MTabling $.50/$1 on Stars.
5.Make a trip to the 'Shoe

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EdmondDantes says

Tater, I know the commitment through adversity you've developed as a lifelong Saints fan will lead you to your goals. Good luck, sir!


Anonymous says

Way to stick to your goals


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