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You Sir are a Donkey, HEEE-HAWWW

Mr_Taterhead I have had a pretty crappy year, poker wise. I have yet to have a winning month and it is making me doubt my ability as a poker player. Do I suck or is it just the thing they call variance kicking in.

I have given up on PokerStars and I am now back playing weaker competition over at Bodog. I am boring myself to tears by only being able to play 3 tables at a time, but I think it makes me focus more on the hands I do play. When I was 15 tabling over at Stars I was pretty much on auto pilot and felt like I was very exploitable. Now I am playing the way I feel comfortable and not the way 2+2 says I should.

I took half of my live roll and deposited it on Bodog and for now I still have money on PokerStars, because I am going to try and get another VIP bonus before I cash out for good. I will cash out my entire Stars roll once I get that VIP bonus and replenish my live roll. Kind of confusing I know, but I swear there is a method to my madness. I spoke with Landlord79 about maybe keeping some money on Stars just so I could dabble around in some tourneys, but we decided that it would be best to get my live roll back to where I feel comfortable before I go donking it off in massive tourney fields.

I plan on making another trip over to the'Shoe this Sunday with a good friend of mine who got me started going to play poker in a casino. We haven’t played any poker together in probably 2-3 years, so this trip should at least be quite fun if not profitable. Lets all hope that it will be both fun and profitable. I need a nice profit this month if I want to be able to make it down to New Orleans for the WSOPC Event in May.

I started the month good as I am up ~2 BIs and beating my game at 12bb/100.

Wish me luck.

PS-Wife had kidney stones over last weekend. She says they are worst than birth. I have never had one, but I saw what birth looked like and I can only imagine how it felt.

PSS-Kid’s ears are doing much better. He is sleeping through the night which makes us all happy.


SixWays says

When I seen your title I thought the post was about me.
GL Tater


lakeoffire says

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear the ears are better( no pun intended).


tammy says

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