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The Sunday Blah's.

I haven't felt so indifferent about poker in a really long time. I don't really know why, but nothing has really been going right on a consistent basis since like March. I basically just hit a small score midweek and then slowly bleed it back down on Sunday to where I was before over and over. I'd probably be fine with that, since that's just the way things go, but there are a few reasons why I feel so sick about it all this time around.

1) I put in so much more volume than almost anyone playing exclusively at my stakes (at least I think I do), which essentially means that I should have a good enough sample size to determine whether or not I'm even remotely good at this game.

2) I sit on the couch and own people while my roommate watches me and giggles when I call out their exact hand, or say something to the effect of "I'm about to own this guy" and then do. I know for sure that I've improved so much over the last year and I'm just not getting the results.

3) I actually need to make money for the first time in a while. It's been about a year since I've actually needed to make money. I've won enough (combining live poker and online) to pay for whatever I needed to and still be comfortable with my online roll. Beyond that, I can distinctly remember multiple times in which I needed some money and just saying "Yeah I'm gonna need some cash soon. I better win a tourney." and then go ahead and do just that. I don't specifically need money tomorrow the way I did the last time I said the above, but whatever. I'd way rather just win something now and get this shit out of the way.

4) I haven't actually won a tourney with >200 runners since April. Part of this is due to my switching from playing almost exclusively mtt's to more sng's than anything. The amount of deep runs I've made in big fields in the last 6 months without booking a win makes me sick to my stomach. Even in the 90 man's I've made so many 2nd places.

Fuck this blog sounds retarded and whiny and emo.

I'm going to a Girl Talk concert Wednesday, and am fucking jacked up for it big time. My school (see: the student body) won a contest in which we stuff a ballot box, and the winner will get a free concert. The only problem being that the school is a bunch of idiots who decide that they would like to have it in the smallest venue possible instead of in the arena that could easily hold anyone that wants to go; instead 700 people had to wait in line only for half of them to be disappointed. Meanwhile, there were 60 extra tickets reserved for the student union for some reason, even though they had no more to do with getting the concert than anyone else.

Anyway, I'm going to get stupidly hammered for it and then hopefully by Thursday afternoon I'll be ready to play again. I have some schoolwork due like 2 weeks from now, so I'll probably just get a headstart on that.



I would have had an awful lot of fun winning a damn tourney yesterday, that's for sure.

I had a good day Friday, picking up 3 2nd's on Friday in 90 mans on FTP, which is always half-convenient and half-frustrating. It;s always cool to take money but I don't think there's a single thing in the world that I hate any more than finishing 2nd in something. So in order to get even with life, I drank a billion beers and dressed up awesomely.
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The only reason I wore a tie was to have the ability of doing the Bond18 tie trick (right before the Snoop pics). At one point, I was flirting with some girl who was dressed as a catholic schoolgirl, and thus, was wearing a tie. I said to myself that I was doing my own style of inverted tie trick in which I pull her tie in to me, which worked like a charm.

Saturday was a day of hangover recovery and costume building for actual halloween night, so I didn't play a single hand of poker until like 9:30 when I was already drunk. I think I stacked a guy playing 25nl, but I don't really remember. Anyways, we went out again Saturday.
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I somehow lost my headphones for my iPod at the bar, and was told by my roommates that I passed out in the wrong bed, among other awesome hilarious stuff.

Sunday morning 'I woke up later than I usually do due to a decent hangover that I had acquired via being the drunkest human on earth the night prior. My first tourney that I played was my favorite tourney, which happens to be the $2 rebuy turbo on ftp, which I FT'ed but made a bad shove to bust in 8th. I proceeded to brick every other tourney for the rest of the day until taking 11th of 5190 in a $2 6-max on stars for not nearly enough money to make me happy. Needless to say, Subway was absolutely necessary for me to avoid suicide.

I am, once again, so over donkaments until next Sunday, and am probably going to grind 90's again until next Sunday, in which I will take 213th in the FTP double deuce and cash in nothing else.

Seems like most good players blog...

I've never had my own blog before, but I've decided that I may as well start one. Seems as though it's a prerequisite to being good at poker, so this appears to be the next logical step. I play almost exclusively micro/small stakes tourneys and mtt sng's, more so on full tilt than anywhere else. I've been playing online for the last 2 years fairly seriously, building from nothing like a nit.

I'm a 22 year old college student who took a year off of school after my second year, and pretty much used that time to learn how to play. Since then, I've essentially paid for my drinking habits, which are ample, through poker winnings, while taking shots buying pieces of other players in big tourneys and running bad in those ventures.

I had really just been awaiting a score so that I could move up, but it just didn't seem to be coming. I had a period during this past summer where I got really deep in at least one 1000+ runner tournament per session for about 2 weeks, only to have nothing come of it and actually ended up losing money over that span. This kind of hurt, considering that I was not working during the summer away from college since I know I'm good enough to make enough money to pay for what I need to pay for school and just haven't gotten the results. I had built up some sort of hatred form for tourneys and decided that I wasn't going to play a single mtt (other than sundays obv), and instead just concentrate solely on 90 man KO's on ftp, and did so with pretty good success. Instead of cashing out the money that I needed to pay off my school and rent for the year, I chose to buy pieces of friends and 2p2'ers for FTOPS and WCOOP tourneys, as well as WSOP and WSOPE, only to have my money run bad and completely brick everything and lose like $2k on staking ventures alone, beyond running poorly myself. I suppose I could have been smarter with my cash, but heh.

I obtained a stake on UB from a friend about 4 weeks ago, and have proceeded to bubbleboy everything since then. Just today I have a 10th and an 11th, as well as taking 6th in a 6 max tourney yesterday after coming in to the FT 1/6 and busting 6th on back to back coolers 2 hands in, as well as 3 or 4 money bubblings thrown in there on a few other sites.

I had hardly played anything over the last 2 weeks due to schoolwork and having some friends visit for a kegger. Things ended up getting a little hazy, but at one point I was walking down the street with a beer on my way to a bar and got stopped by a policeman who issued me a $450 fine for open liquor, which sucked, but it was my own fault for being an alcoholic idiot, so whatever. I suppose that now that I'm done all this school work that was holding me back from playing over the last few weeks, plus the fact that I'm pretty life busto beyond my FTP account, I'm finally going to be able to grind over the next while (which is part of the reason why I'm starting this blog to begin tracking my progress through this next while, which is something I've never really done all that great of a job of doing) and be able to focus on crushing souls, despite the fact that they're going to be souls of the micro variety.

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