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Happy 2010

Having not written anything in the last 20 days or so, there's plenty to catch up on. First off, I still haven't done the 24 hr session. I'll do it eventually, though it won't be as soon as I thought it would. My plan was to do it on the 28th or 29th, but things came up. I think I played about 1/3 as many tourneys as I had planned to over my christmas break, and I head back to school tomorrow or Monday.

I had written in my last post that I had gotten a seat in to the miniftops $109, in which I ended up bubbling after losing AKs<T9s AIPF for a 100bb pot, which still seems retarded to me. That pot was a microcosm of my next 2 weeks, just running absolutely brutal in any and every situation. I thought things were turning around on Christmas eve, but instead showed up with a 16th and an 18th to make me hate poker even more. 2 days later I took a 15th and was ready to snap.

Finally, on the 29th I made 2 final tables, as well as winning a $6/90 man. The next night I took 7th in one of the daily doubles on FTP, cashing in the other as well.

Overall for 2009, I profited about $6.5k for the year, plus rakeback and live poker, though I'm definitely stuck buying pieces and staking people, and probably stuck a little in online cashgames. I played about 2700 tourneys or mtt sng's, which is a number I'd like to boost up a fair amount. I think that, more importantly than volume, is cranking up the avg. buy in. If I can stop withdrawing money to pay for things like liquor and rent and fines then I should be able to move up. I feel like I'd be profitable in midstakes tourneys, given the amount I made this year at micros/small stakes. If i can manage to not cashout so much money over the year, then I don't see any reason why the goals that I've set for myself aren't attainable.

Goals for 2010-
>Profit $20k- I profited ~6.3k with an ABI of just over $6 in 09, including a 3 month breakeven spell in the summer. Like I said, I plan on playing a little higher this year, plus simply getting better at poker. With a ~$20 abi, I don't see why profitting $20k is out of the question.

>review more HH's, watch more videos- self explanatory. I think I might autopilot a bit too much, and would like to fix any little leaks I may have.

>get a new fucking computer- we had a party at my house like 6 months ago and someone spilled a beer in it. It somehow still works, though not awesomely. It might take something drastic, such as winning 3k or just having this one explode (or take a month off drinking), but this seems like something that needs to be done.

>try a little harder at school- I skip too many classes due to sheer laziness, I often leave papers and studying for exams to the last minute (if I study at all), and am just generally not really on top of things. I showed up to a midterm at one point this year not knowing that the midterm was that day. I'm not someone who really cares a ton about getting 90's or whatever; the goal is moreso about going to class more, not bullshitting all my papers, and simply doing a little bit of reading or w/e through the week instead of playing video games and getting drunk every night. I'm more than satisfied as long as I pass my courses, but I'd like to try a little harder during the course so as to not worry about anything or be nervous during exam time.

> run better at staking- I'm probably stuck about $2k lifetime in staking ventures. I had an opportunity to buy a piece of a friend in an EPT but decided against it- He took 8th for like 57k euros or something like that. During the last WCOOP I bought pieces of a few high stakes regs who all bricked, I had a few % of 2 guys in the WSOP ME, as well as another guy in the WSOPE ME, but bricks obv.

I guess that's all. I've been at my parents' house for 2 weeks now and I'm about ready to head back to school. I got to see some old friends, which was fun, but I'm ready to head back. My plan was to head back today, but it's storming out right now, and it's supposed to be worse tomorrow. I suppose I could be doing my 24hr session right now if I felt like it, but I don't really.

Ooohhhhh yeah, I already won a tourney in 2010. UB $10 6 max. Sustainable ROI imo.


School's out!

I think I played 2 tourneys between my last entry and Saturday night. Seems kind of ridiculous, but I had to try and do something other than play poker so I could study for my exams. I was kind of fucking the dog in all of my classes, so decent exam scores were kind of crucial. I told a friend of mine that I wasn't going to play any tourneys from Monday-Saturday; he responded by setting the Over/Under line at 60 tourneys in that time span, which is probably slightly higher than my average, non-exam line. He was clearly on drugs, as I buried my face in books and notes (and MLB offseason rumors and reports).

Exams went well. My first was simply 2 essays that we could write at home. They took me forever to write, but I feel like I got that one done well enough. I did well enough in the rest of the course that I didn't really need to do overly well to get through, so it was hard to be motivated to write, but I got it finished. My next was on Thursday afternoon; the prof gave us a list of 42 study questions the day before the exam and said that 4 of them will appear on the exam, lol. I was ready enough for them that I feel good about that one, though it could have went better. My final exam, the one I was most worried about, was Saturday night at 7pm. I had barely failed the midterm, but made up for it with a good essay, but I was still a little nervous about the final. He gave us a list of 8 study questions, we had to answer 3/5 that he gave us. I must have been generous to him in a past life, because of the 5 questions that we had the option of answering, the 4 that I knew best were on there, and I wouldn't be surprised if I got an awesome mark on that one.

We went to the bar afterwards to celebrate being finished school for 3 weeks, and all I could think about was playing a full day of tourneys. I was excited to the point of not being able to sleep, and ended up staying awake until like 5:30 am, an impressive feat given my drunken tendencies to pass out immediately once I get home from the bar.

I woke up and immediately fired up super turbo satellites for miniftops. I typically play these for the FTP Double Deuce every sunday, and win like 9 seats for the T$. For whatever reason, I couldn't win shit in these today, and went 4/48, which was a really depressing start to the day. Nothing seemed to go right at all for the first 6 hours, including busting the Stars $11/$250k on the second hand with AA<66. I was online messaging a friend, telling him about how this might end up being my worst day ever. Within half an hour of that, I was chip leader in 2 different tourneys and top 20 in 3 others. Overall, I ended up making 2 final tables (stars $5/12k, and a $3 turbo on ftp), taking 8th in both. Ended up getting deep in the UB $10/10k only to lose AA<QQ AIPF for the chip lead with 30 left, then busting with KK<AJ in 27th place. Came 40/2100 in a $4 turbo on stars, 33/870 in another $3 turbo on ftp, and got semi deep in a $10 6 max on ftp as well before getting coolered for a big pot. I salvaged the day by winning a seat to MFTOPS 12 (109 6 max), so we'll see if I can get anything going there.

The reason I'm still up at this hour (5:15 AM) is because I forgot to pay off my open liquor fine. They give you 60 days to pay it, and if you don't pay (or make arrangements to make payment at a later date or w/e) by the time that the 60 day deadline passes, they assume that you're contesting the fine, and a trial is automatically set. Long story short, I have a court date at 9AM, and the only way I'll be awake at 9AM is if I don't go to bed. I'm just going to go and ask if I can pay it without the trial, but either way, it should be an interesting experience.

I'm going to write up a Year-end review fairly soon, though that will probably only happen either after the new year or like a week after that, when I come back to school. I'm going to grind my balls off over the next 3 weeks, so I'll probably win twice what I won so far this year (that's the plan anyway), which explains why I'm waiting until after that to write. I'll include goals for 2010 if I can think of anything other than simply "Get as good at poker as possible" or w/e.

Like I said in my last blog, I'm planning on playing a 24 hour mtt session along with some friends. It will more than likely begin Tuesday when I wake up (~1PM?) and go through the night and in to Wednesday morning. A friend of mine planned a 24hr marathon a month or so ago, but ended up quitting after 21hrs and like 5 FT's, so hopefully I can equal (surpass imo) that feat. Probably going to live blog that one, which I can only assume will be boring as shit. A few friends want to play a day of tourneys and donate 5% of their winnings to a worthwhile charity, so I'll likely do that for my 24 hr session.


Girl Talk TR+ Poker things

I just realized that I forgot to write a Trip report for the Girl Talk concert that was at my school about 3 weeks ago. Let me start off by saying that this was a promotion put on all across Canada that involved the student body of every college and university in Canada voting on Facebook and Twitter to get a concert on campus for free. One of the conditions was that there would not be liquor served, which is fucking stupid. The concert started at 8 pm with The Stills opening, followed by K-OS, and finally Girl Talk. I started drinking at about 3PM, so as to be sufficiently shitfaced by the time Girl Talk hit the stage at ~10:30-11 PM.

Needless to say, my plan went through to perfection, as I drank an entire quart of Canadian Club by the time we left. Based on what people are telling me, there was a station in which you could get a picture taken with inflatable guitars and such, immediately inside the concert setting. I was obviously blacked out at this point; so much so that I completely forgot that I'm right-handed, as witnessed by me holding this guitar backwards.

click to enlarge the image

By the time K-OS shut his stupid mouth and got the hell off my stage, I was ready for Girl Talk, and decided that there was nothing that was going to stop me from being at the very front of the crowd. After politely finagling my way towards the front of the room, I accidentally bumped in to a girl who gave me the dirtiest of looks. While I don't remember the exact conversation that we had, she continued to get mad at me as I obnoxiously took pictures of EVERYTHING with my cell phone on the terrible choppy camera that is built in. Zero of these pictures turned out, and I knew in advance that this would be the case, and I certainly verbalized this to her. After she pointed out that she "didn't give a fuck" I finally decided that I was going to slowly ruin this girls' night since she was being a snotty beotch for no real reason.

I explained to my roommates that I had a real snotjob to my 9-oclock and asked for everyone to try to remember everything I say so that they can re-tell the story later when I'm sober. I begin by asking her if she wanted to be in a picture for the 10th time. She said no. Then I asked if she would get her friend to snap a picture of the two of us. She said no. Then I asked if she wanted to hang out after the concert. She said no. Then I asked if I could snap a picture again. She politely ordered me to leave her the fuck alone. This went on for another 10 minutes or so, until I told her that she'd make more friends if she wasn't such a twit. I left her alone for a minute, but then came back and got my roommate to snap a picture of us.

click to enlarge the image
She almost punched my roommate in the face.

Girl Talk was fucking awesome by the way, and if anybody ever gets a chance to see him, it's absolutely worth every penny and then some.

Haven't played much poker since I last wrote, but I made a final table on Sunday, taking 3rd in the giant $2 turbo on stars. This was my first final table on stars ever, other than a small one that I made on turbo night a couple months ago. I hardly ever play on stars, since it just seems cursed or something, but I happened to get deep in everything I played on stars on Sunday, cashing in 4/5 tourneys. Too bad for me that I swapped 50% of everything I played on stars with a friend, and he happened to brick everything. kaihdsf;ojad;fj.

I have 2 classes left in the semester, then 3 exams between now and the 12th. I'm also heading to a Dane Cook show this coming weekend, and am hoping to get some time in at the Casino that's just down the street from the venue, for a little bit of live 1-2 NL action, but it doesn't look like I'll be playing a ton online between now and then.

I'm pretty excited to be done school for a little while and just playing poker everyday. I'm planning on sticking in a ton of volume, mostly 90 man's on FTP. I'm going to be at my parents' house from the 14th until Jan 4th-ish, and other than Christmas and New Years, I'm going to have a pretty empty schedule for the entire Christmas break, so as long as I can stay motivated to grind every day/night I should be able to either bust my entire account or make some decent moneys. I'm intentionally waiting as long as possible to accept my Holiday bonus from ftp, since I'm hardly putting in any volume until school is finished with. Conversely, once school is done and I have nothing important left to do, I'm planning on being up all night and crushing idiots. I have plans to do a 24hr mtt session with a few forum friends, so I'll likely document that here whenever that happens. I'll be sure to include judgments that I get from my parents and siblings, who have no idea that I have the ability of playing any more than 2 tables at once, nor do they understand that putting in decent volume doesn't make me a degen gambling addict, since I'm almost the exact opposite, given that I'm a huge nit with money. Fuck families are retarded.


Turning it around

I feel like I'm playing a lot better over the last few months than I had ever been, and results are finally starting to show up. I've put in more volume than I can really afford to over the last week, considering the amount of school work that I have piled up in front of me. I finished a major assignment at about 9:40 pm Wednesday night and decided against starting my next paper right away, instead firing up some tourneys.

This of course led me to noticing that Wednesday was turbo night on full tilt, so needless to say I played anything and everything that I could afford to play. I ended up playing like 7.5 hours, well in to the morning, and having a net profit of $-6 after bricking a bunch of stuff and making a deep run in one tourney, eventually taking a really disappointing 14th place.

Today I got home from class and planned on starting the paper that I have due this coming week. I did about half an hour of reading, wrote the introduction (which I'm probably going to end up scrapping since it sounds funny), and then firing up more tourneys. Things started kind of shoddy, but I picked up stacks in 3 tourneys (though I 4-bet JJ and ran in to KK in one of them).

I held a chip lead in the UB 5Kg from 39 players down to 12, when TT<A5o and AA<A2s on back to back hands got me short (I may have misplayed the AA one as I flatted a shorty's cutoff raise from the button and the sb ended up coming along and outflopping me, but whatever. A small mistake magnified is still a small mistake, and I ran bad for that hand), and then ended up shoving 86ss from the sb and bricking everything on 9s7x7x4sKx to lose to AJ to bust in a heartbreaking 9th place, which doesn't get me anywhere near out makeup.

Busting that one left me with just one tourney left, which happened to be the ftp 1r. 11 handed I hold a chip lead and 3 bet a monkey with 77 from the sb, he flats (for some reason), and we see a flop of Q43. I lead 99k in to a pot of 167k, and snap call his shove of ~240k more. He clearly has KJo and rivers the J. I make the mistake of telling him how bad he is in the chat (stacks and ICM were def. supposed to be considerations here, as well as the outright atrocity of his shove), but whatever, it should get me spite calls later. I'm left with 22 bb's, and soon bust a guy after my AT>88 to get back to healthy. I come in to the FT with 40 bb's and 4/9.

The chip leader busts 2 people in the first 2 hands to get us 7 handed. ~10 hands later a guy is crippled and moves his last 4.5 bb's in from UTG+1. Chip leader is to my right and flats from the button, and I shove KK for 28 bb's total, which I feel is a mistake, given the fact that 1) it;s a 1r, 2) He's the chip leader, and 3) he's got to be feeling pretty invincible; and therefore I should have made it like 145k (5k/10k blinds) and string him along. Instead I jammed for like 277k or w/e. He folded and I held over the shover.

I got down to 3 handed relatively easily, with the idiot from above having a 3:2 chip lead over me and slightly more than that over the guy to my direct right. CL offers some idiotic chop, so I just reject it and ask to play it out. I pick up JJ on the button 2 hands later and raise to ~52k at 12k/24k with like 920k behind. SB is the chip leader, who instantly jams his 1.4MM. BB gets out of the way, and I fold after thinking about it for about 15 seconds. SB shows QQ. Nice try.

A few hands later I get it in with the guy to my right after he raises, I 3-bet and he 4 ball jams A6o for like 28 bb's. I call with AQs and we chop on A28K8. After this hand, the CL offers a deal slightly less retarded than the one previous, to which I obviously reject again. He spits something out about how he's tired and we should take the deal, so I obv tell him to offer a better deal if he wants us to take it so badly. He tells me to go fuck myself and that he's the chip leader so we should accept his deal (I'm paraphrasing-- I think what he said was something that actually was less coherent than what I just gave him credit for saying, and I believe he was demanding our obedience), but anyhow, we keep playing much to his shagrin. I suggest he relax and bust me so he can rub it in my face, saying "you should have taken the deal" or something like that but all I get is a friendly "STFU".

2 hands later, CL min-raises the button, sb calls, I jam 66 for 33 bb's assuming that the CL will call me super wide, but he folds quickly. SB covers me by 1.5 bb's and calls off with 44 like a huge fish, and I hold to get hu with a 2 bb disadvantage.

This guy decides to offer a chop again. This one was pretty close to even, but I feel my edge is way too big to chop, so I let it go, and proceed to get out-carded like crazy. I can remember 3 different hands in which I was value betting 2nd pair or better, only to be outkicked, as well as getting most of the chips in with 97 on J77Q2 only to be shown down K7, yet he somehow managed to not get all the chips in the middle, despite us only being 35 bb's effective.

The after the 97 debacle, I shove my last 8 bb's in with A9s and lose to J7o on 65557, just to confirm that (if we take the JJ vs. QQ hand, as well as the 77<KJ hand from above in to consideration) I actually had no chance at all to win this tournament, and that 2nd was as good
as I possibly could have ever done given the way the cards were dealt.

Whatever, I'm pretty close to having enough money to pay off my open liquor fine and still have enough money left over to eat and party and pay rent and buy christmas presents without completely decimating my FTP account, which is rather appealing.

I wish I could time my heaters better; as in when I don't have a bunch of schoolwork. I'm planning on playing a billion tourneys/sng's over the christmas break, but I have plenty of schoolwork and exams before then, so I don't really know when I'll be able to play much between now and then, which kind of stinks, since I typically go on streaks of getting deep in something or other a bunch of times over a period of 10 sessions in a row and then getting cold again and whining about it for 4 months.

OH! Did I mention that mouthbreather's OPR? No, of course not.

click to enlarge the image

I just lost HU to a fish with $6 in lifetime cashes.


By "2 days off" you meant.....?

So I got home from class at 3:30 today, and instead of doing what I planned on, which happened to be literally anything that wasn't poker, I sat down in front of my computer, opened my AIM status bar, and typed in the word "LOCKDOWN!" as if I were in an episode of 2M2MM. It was time to grind a Tuesday afternoon like never before.

I highly doubt that I've ever played 40 mtt's in a day (mtt's and mtt sng's), at least until now. I felt oddly at ease, even as I bricked my first 21 90 man's on ftp after running so hilariously bad that I started laughing to myself. (Got some KO's tho...)

I decided that I was running way too bad, and do what I always do when I run bad for a few days- change the "variables" on my computer; that is to say, my ftp avatar (went from the rooster to the little fluffy dog), and my desktop background (from a hot pic of Katy Perry sticking her tongue out, to a hot picture of Katy Perry just being hot and Katy Perry). It took about 15 minutes, but I finally ran kind of hot in one, in a sense that once I got 3 handed, one of the other guys at the table literally shoved every hand irregardless of stack sizes, letting me call pretty well perfectly with K high and win. Immediately after winning that one, I bought in to a few more to completely relinquish the profit that I had on the day.

It took me until hour 9 of my session to get back in to the positive, after ft'ing a $6/90 and $3/90 at the same time, taking 8th in the $6 after AK<AT aipf, and 2nd in the $3, though I don't remember the bustout hand.

I was originally planning on playing until about 7-8 am, but my roommates were upstairs in the living room and it sounded like they were having fun and laughing and such and kept yelling downstairs at me to come up and hang out, so I decided that what I had up was going to be the end of it.

I brought my laptop upstairs and quickly got down to 2 tables, and then shortly after, down to just one of the daily doubles after punting the stack in the other tourney. Long story longer, I FT'ed the daily double B and came 6th to cap off a 12.5 hour session, and a profitable one at that.

It kind of stinks that I won't be able to play tomorrow (Girl Talk ftw!!!!) because I feel 100x better about poker now than I did at the time of writing my last entry, and felt that way even before finally making some money. Who knows, I might wake up early and play a few before going to get wasted before the concert, but I doubt it.

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