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2nd in stars $4/180

brad2002tj Just finished 2nd in a stars $4/180. I've played a lot of these and this is my best finish. Unfortunately I am not happy with my heads up play at all. First hand of heads up my QQ > 55 and I held a 5 to 1 chip lead. I made some loose calls IMO trying to end it and ended up losing with KQ < A3. I'll be posting some of my hands on 2+2 for analysis but my own analysis is that my heads up play was pretty crappy. I've been running terribly since loading on pokerstars but this puts me almost even. Hopefully I can learn from this and plug some leaks for later.


EdmondDantes says

Nice finish regardless. Congrats!


Anonymous says

your on your


Anonymous says

The best I have done is 7th for 25 bucks. I have cashed in that 4 out of 7 times playing. I should give it a go again as I am getting a little bored with the 1.10 sats to sunday 100G


lakong says

Congratuations. Please post some hands here too. I would like to see and comment on them. Just add a new blog entry when you have a moment or cross post what you do on 2plus2.

- S


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