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An update of events since the WSOP

I haven't updated this blog in quite some time.

I lasted 3 days in the WSOP ME, but busted well before the money. I probably played at least one hand poorly and ended up shoving 22 OTB into Sorel Mizzi's BB and he woke up with KK. It was disheartening and I was depressed for a few days but got back in the online grind at home. I have done quite well online since the ME, with the exception of the last few days (cashout curse ldo):

click to enlarge the image

I've been running/playing pretty poorly lately, including a retardedly expensive Sunday, and the end result is that I've lost 1/3 of my remaining bankroll. I realize I've run exceptionally well to have the year I've had, but you always feel like a schmuck during the middle of a downswing. I'm just going to have to move down in stakes a bit and grind it back up.

As poker players, we have to make our peace with variance and accept it when it comes. Hopefully I can pull together some good months for the rest of the year and end on a high note.

Ship teh WSOP Main Event Package

Adding to my already pretty awesome year, this evening I won one of the $33 rebuy WSOP ME packages on pokerstars. I plan to play it, and already booked my flight.

To reduce variance/bankroll hit, I'll be selling up to 40% of my action. If anyone has interest, let me know.

Drama always follows staking

I've seen many staking dramas play out over the years I've played poker, from disputes over terms/fpps/when the relationship was over etc. but never expected to be involved in one myself.

For mainly amusement and because I obviously have too much money on my hands, I started staking randoms in the pokerstars 250k guaranteed on Sundays. If you don't know, it's an $11 tournament that has a massive field usually in the 30k range, so 1st place usually pays out well over $20k. It is affectionately known as the "Sunday lotto" because of the extreme amount of rungood needed to go deep.

Before I begin, I will concede that I do no background investigation into my stakees whatsoever. If the potential horses just post something amusing in 2+2's BBV forum along with their stars name I will ship them the $11 buyin. The terms are 80/20 in my favor, unless they final table, when it will shift to 60/40. Now I know you are thinking, "how can you trust these randoms?," and the answer is I don't really, but I have a fundamental belief in human integrity and that humans will generally do the right thing and honor their agreements. And if they don't, well, I lost $11.

Last Sunday I staked an Estonian player, "Jessica652," and despite questionable play she managed to finish 6th for $5,842.81, resulting in a theoretical staking win for me of $3,505.69 (60%).

After the score she shipped $1,168 (20%) and disappeared from 2+2. As you could imagine, comments ranged from "Brad deserves this for staking randoms" to "she should die a slow painful death."

Some Estonian 2+2ers were concerned by the apparent scaming, and took it upon themselves to track down Jessica. This morning she shipped an additional $600 and promises to get the remaining $1700 to me within 8 days. So the story could have a happy ending.

You can follow the story here .

I still have a fundamental belief in human integrity.

New biggest score

Today I final tabled the 10 rebuy and ended up getting heads up as a short stack, clawing my way to the chip lead, and then losing with JJ < 46o for a big pot and then running 88 into TT. Still my biggest score by far with a prize of a little over $11k. Shaundeeb finished 3rd and got coolered with AQ < AK bvb (I raise/ folded AJ OTB in the hand). Anyhow I don't feel bad for Deeb, he is on a huge tear.

How Poker is Like The Matrix

Mega City residents:

We all start out as Mega City residents. They accept everything as it appears. They play their hand based on the absolute strength of their holding, and give no deep thought into the how or why. Mega City residents are easy to play, and no special tools are needed to beat them. You play aggressively against them and fold when they play back, unless you have it.

Getting unplugged:

Anyone with the desire can become unplugged from the matrix.

click to enlarge the image

Getting unplugged is the first step to becoming a winning player. It involves looking beyond absolute hand strength and analyzing hand ranges and chip expectation and ICM when applicable. Once you achieve this, advancing as a player is inevitable and you will continue to get better until you hopefully become a:


click to enlarge the image

Neo has the capability to see the matrix beyond the surface, as code:

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Neo has the capability to bend time and space. This is the poker equivalent of being able to make advanced nth level plays and crush even the best players. Few players achieve this level. Durrr and Menlo come to mind.


click to enlarge the image

Aside from the occasional Neos, Agents are other players against whom you fear most to play. They know the ins and outs of poker and analyze ranges as good or better than you. You generally avoid them if possible, as tangling with them could certainly mean your demise but outplaying them is also a badge of honor.

I consider myself to be a Ghost:

click to enlarge the image

Ghost is talented in the matrix, and has even killed an agent. He can outplay Mega City citizens regularly and makes his living from that. However, in a game full of agents Ghost would definitely be -ev.
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