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Vegas Sucks

Just got back from 2 days in Vegas and boy did I run terrible. I didn't feel i played my best game at times but I also had some bad beats. I lost 100% (no lie) of my coin flips and lost 2 key hands that crushed me, one when K10 > my KQ AIPF and K9 > my KK AIPF. Apparently a sooted King is the new aces.

Played 5 of Caesar's $150 tourneys (which are great) and 2 of the Flamingo $65. I'll be back for New Years and will hopefully play and run better.

New Orleans WSOP Circuit Event Cash

This is my first chance to discuss my 3rd place finish at the WSOP Circuit Event in New Orleans, LA.

I took Monday off work to fly to NOLA and play in the tournament. I registered when the desk opened, played a little video roulette and stopped by my work's office in NOLA which is a few blocks from Harrah's.

You start with 1500 chips and blinds of 25/25. I was a little nervous being my first large live tourney but I settled in quick. Within an hour I busted a short stack when KK > JJ and I built up to 3000 chips. Over the next hour I got back down to 2000 or so.

First hand in the second hour everyone folds to me in the SB with K Q. I raise to 300 and BB calls. Flop comes J 9 5 . I bet 500 on the flop and he calls with no hesitation. The turn comes the 10 giving me the straight (and possibly filling out a flush draw). I have only 1200 behind so I push all in and BB calls showing A A. Nice. I dodge a diamond on the river and have a nice stack.

I played ABC poker and stayed pretty even until right before the dinner break, when we were down to 80 or so players (from 380). I had a flight scheduled to leave for home 7:30, so I decided that I would play aggressive and either build a big stack to make a serious run at the final table (and have to stay overnight) or be busted out to catch my flight. Blinds were near 150 at this point if I recall. A short stack goes all in for 1400 or so and a MP reraises all in for his last 3000 after some thought. I look down and see A K so I push all in as well. EP shows K J and MP shows K Q . No one hits anything and I go to dinner break with more than double average chips.

During the dinner break I find a hotel room for the night and eat a Harrah's buffet (terrible, BTW). I return to the tournament and don't play many hands before the bubble breaks @ 36 players. Yay! I still have about double average stack. Then I run into trouble...First hand at a new table I raise K Q 4BB from the cutoff. Big blind thinks and calls. Flop comes K 4 4 . Pretty safe flop, I think. BB checks. I bet pot. He raises to double. I should have thought about it, but I was confident I was ahead here. I pushed all in. He insta calls and shows 4 5 and I don't hit a king. I go from about 34k chips to 7k and am about to go on tilt bad. Next hand I get kq and look at my watch to see if I can still make my flight. I push all in and am called by 9 9. I hit a king and double up. Next hand, K Q (yes KQ 3 hands in a row). Push again, this time to be called by K K. I suckout after hitting an open ended straight flush draw on the flop. I was back to where I started after the dinner break. I was in such a tilt fog I didn't even realize I had won the hand until the dealer shipped the chips. I was ready to collect my $1,000 payout and leave.

Fortunately I regained my senses and played ABC poker for the rest of the night. When we reached the final table I had 36,000 chips, about 15,000 less than average although I was 6th of the 10 remaining.

The next day I was bored so I went to work and played some slots. I didn't want to play any poker because I wanted to only be thinking about being a short stack at a final table. When play started at 4PM on the main stage I was definitely ready. I made the decision to put my chips in play and make a run for first.

I got a chance when the second hand of the final table I was dealt A K and called an all-in by one of the shorter stacks who had K Q . I knocked him out and got about 25,000 chips out of it. The final table was extremely aggressive, and within half an hour we were down to only 4 players and I had about 40,000 chips. I pushed with 3 3 but was called by Tuan Tran with 10 10 . I hit the 3 on the river for my second suckout of the tournament. Tran gets knocked out a few hands later when his AK < 55 when the eventual winner hits a set on the turn.

At the final 3 I was severely short stacked. I basically pushed every unopened pot to prevent being blinded away. Eventually I was called by A x when I had 5 7, and he hit trip aces on the flop to send me home. I cashed out my $8800 payday, my largest ever, and caught a southwest flight home. I can't believe I ran so good at just the right time. There were definitely some hands I could have played better, but I continue to learn the game.


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