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Sunday Bustout Hands

I played a few major tournaments on Sunday, the Sunday 100k on stars and Sunday 100k on Cake. Was way up early in stars 100k but went card dead for a while. With around 5k left (3k pay) I push with 1010 and get called by A10. Ace on the river obv.

I played well in the Cake 100k and with about 300 left I raised JJ from the cutoff when the big blind was sitting out. Small blind pushes and I decide I beat his range because he thinks I am just trying to steal from the sitting out big blind. I am right and he tables 66. 6 on the flop obv and I am out.

I won two satellites to the Cake 100k so I guess I have an entry to the next one, whenever that is. Unlike pokerstars, you can not use your satellite win for entry into any tournament you want. Other than that I am pretty much busto on cake. Back to grinding $10 donkaments for satellite moneys.

Right now I am looking forward to going to New Orleans to play in the WSOP Circuit Event in May. Hopefully I can continue to get good karma from the site of my last major cash.

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