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8 sessions in as a full time mtt grinder

DeuceSeven My January consisted of me working the first 2 weeks at my job and the last 2 weeks I grinded 8 sessions. Tilt seems to be my biggest issue and I think by the 4th session of the week I got it pretty much nipped in the bud. For these 8 days I made 6 fts, 4 of which 1st made at least 1k. I got, 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 6th in those. I ran really poorly at those fts. Had I won 2 key hands(yes I got sucked out on pretty bad) in the 25/25k I'm probably looking at making 7k in January, but that seems to be my MO when it comes to big mtts.

What I'm proud of since I started playing for a living:

-I got 4 weight lifting sessions last week
-I got 3 30 minute sessions on my recumbent bike
-Because of the 2 above I lost 5 lbs
-I've gotten better at not tilting mostly because putting in 169mtts in 8 sessions u get numb to bad beats

Things I need to work on:

-reviewing more of my hhs
-posting more in strategy forums
-start meditating every day

What I can do to improve on the above is I think I can post in the strategy forums at least once a day. I'm thinking that reviewing a hh on my off days is the best I can do. Meditating I think would work best right before a session, but I find myself often rushing to make some lunch right before I start playing at 3pm.

Now that I have put in some time grinding full time I think I need to set some goals.

Personal Life:
-Get a routine going such as sleep schedule, days off, etc.
-Lose 100 lbs this year, yes I'm a fat bastard


Tier 1- Make 38k for the year; this would allow me to live really comfortably however I wouldn't add any money to my savings/roll

Tier 2- Make 47k for the year; I think this is achievable unless i suck at poker, I guess we will see

Tier 3- Make 100k for the year; I'd have to run amazingly well for this to happen, but hey I can dream right?


-Hit a new high score, currently my biggest cash is 3.7k; this should be pretty easy
-Hit a 5 fig score
-20k roll
-30k roll
-I'd like to go to vegas during the wsop this year; this really depends on how grinding goes. Most likely this won't happen this year.

The updated totals:

MTT buy ins: $391.70
MTTs played: 20
Cashes: 2
FTs: 1
Money won: $374.40
Profit: -$17.30

Year to date:

Total ROI: 23%
Total Profit: $770.58

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