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June, my worst month ever!

Landlord79 June was my absolute, worst month ever. I played <4k hands online this month and was just under break even.

I made 3 trips to the casino where I lost ($480) net. I actually won 2 of 3 trips, but the losing trip was ($700) LOL, Q3s is the nutz!! I blew up on a bluff/value bet w/ bottom pair. I knew the guy was on a flush draw and that my pair of 3s was the best hand on the turn. I stuffed $154 into the $200 pot and the guy calls after agonizing for 2 or 3 minutes. He actually had a gut-shot and 2 overs to go with his FD, but he accidentally hit a pair of 4s on the river to crush my measily pair of 3s. Edmond says that I've got some kind of LaKong disease or something. Geez...

I lost ($250) at PLO. This was rather demoralizing since I ran so hot at PLO in May. I guess that I'm not as good of a PLO player as I thought I was.

It was definitely my worst month ever, I lost ($827)ish.

July goals:
Clear the GS bonus that I bought on June 2nd. Already cleared! Woo Hoo!!
Knock the auto-pilot switch off with my FR game.
Learn how to play 6max.
Make some good investments.
Finish my imperial campaign on Rome Total War so that I can focus on playing and learning poker again because losing at poker suckz!

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