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It's time to start winning again!!

Landlord79 So, I’ve been really lax in posting into my blog lately. Mostly due to a downswing that reaches back into February. So I’m going to give a continued effort to focus on the mental aspect of my game that I can voice out on this blog page. I’ve been listening to the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People on audio book and feel that blogging with a point of talking through my frustrations and working out plans to improve my game will be a “Quadrant 2” activity for my poker game. Here it goes:

I’ve been on quite a loller coaster lately. My game’s a joke and I’m pushing every small edge that peeks around the corner. I’m auto-piloting WAY too much and making standard plays and decisions rather than thinking every hand out. 18 tabling is the main cause of my auto piloting problem at FR.

I’ve jumped from FR to 6max in an attempt to shake myself out of this rut, but have found that 6max is a much different game than FR. Fortunately for me, Stoxpoker only makes 6max NLHE videos, and I’ve been able to watch vid after vid to amp up my 6max game. (By saying that they only make 6max vids, I’m implying that they make absolutely no FR vids. They do also make HU vids, a few PLO vids and some other random vids, but overall, they aren’t very diversified.) In fact, I think that most of my problems w/ my FR game have originated from watching too many 6max vids and incorrectly applying the amped up aggression of 6max strategies to the FR tables. If you want evidence of why I think this; my last $1k+ month was in January when I joined Stoxpoker. I don’t think that Stox is bad by any means. I think that I’ve misapplied the strategies provided.

Since I know the problem now, how do I fix it????

1. I can stop watching the Stox 6max vids.
Not very sensible since I’ve got a paid year of membership and Stox is still a great resource for learning.

2. I can learn to crush 6max.
I think this is a little more viable to rounding out my overall poker game.

I’ve been playing 6max for most of the month now and am having pretty, much positive results. I’m thoroughly enjoying the aggression, and I think I’m running something like 24/17ish which is a great break from the monotony of FR’s 15/12. I’ve been playing 6max 50NL, and have had varied results. I think in order to fully learn the game and have some success I’ll need to humble myself and drop down to 25NL for a while. 10k hands should do it, and then I can return to my normal stakes.

Crush 6max, 25NL for 10k hands then move back up to 6max 50NL

I came to this conclusion after watching Thac and Pokey’s vids on 2p2. They dropped down stakes to make their videos and thoroughly crushed the games. This reminded me that I once too was crushing 25NL and I thought that this would be a great way to rebuild my confidence and would help me to get back on track to winning ways.

Wish me luck!!

PS – Congrats to SirWatts on his WPT Bellagio Cup IV win!

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