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lakong says

Didn't seem that the sex session affected your game. The TT/QQ was fairly standard and there was nothing you could do at that point. I also played in a charity tournament and the blind structure was just crazy. We should have just flipped a coin and went home. We start with 100 chips and 1/2 blinds. I had a 300 stack after 2 hours but the blinds went to 10/20 with a 5 ante so we're pretty much at the all in phase right then. Oh, well.

- Scot


Anonymous says

Poker after sex is great. Shouldn't be against the rules.


Landlord79 says

One of my buddies insists upon it before he plays any significant games. To each his own!


lakeoffire says

Good posts Landlord.


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Bank roll building (cont)

Landlord79 I broke another of my disciplines Friday night, I have figured this one out with trial and error and I know I should abide by it. I had a date night with my wife on Friday, and we skipped the movie after dinner to have a night alone at the house. After being dazed for about 30 minutes I woke back up and was bored out of my mind. The wife was out cold and wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. So, despite knowing that I play passively after intercourse, I jumped on the Internet to do the next best thing behind intercourse. I only allowed myself to play one table of $10/NL, and I jumped on a $0.50 big bet Stud 8 table because I really enjoy that game. It didn’t take me more than 30 min to lose my buyin on the NL table. I got reraised by a very loose player from the big blind, I was in a steal position w/ 10-10 and thought that he was doing some defending. The flop was a low one and I raised his bet all in. He beat me to the middle w/ QQ. I also lost $4.40 on the stud 8 table. This quickly brought me back down to reality and I refused to rebuy. (Some people say they play better after sex, but not me, I check out for the rest of the day when I’m done!)

I’ve mentioned before in my blogs that I have some very tough home games that I play in on a weekly basis. About the time that I was just about to donk my chips off with pocket 10s my phone rings. It’s 11pm and I’m wondering who on earth is calling me at this hour of the night! The ringer identifies it as one of my poker buddies and when I pick it up my friend Michael tells me that he just made the final table of a local charity tournament right down the road. The kicker is that another player who plays with us has also made the final table. So, in a tournament of 100+ people and 160+ buyins, two people from my games have made the final table. I get off the stud 8 table and get dressed again and drive up to sweat my two friends.

As in any charity event, the blinds are completely ridiculous at this point. It’s a sick all in festival and to the lucky goes the spoils. Getting to the final table is quite a feat, but luck or no luck, one of my friends finished 4th and the other took down the whole tournament! It was a sick affair that I won’t relate hand wise, but when lady luck is on your side, you can’t help but win. For our group, that win represented the biggest take down to date, so the bar has now been set for everyone else. The bad part is that the winner isn’t even the best player in our game; the best player doesn’t even play these events because of the sick blind structure. (BTW, the best player had an awesome weekend online and at a local game. He made more playing this weekend than he does all week at his day job, and this is very achievable on a regular basis for him. If he would quit spending his winnings and start building a roll, he would be pro in no time.)

Any way, back to the bankroll building, I made a pretty good recovery on Full Tilt through the rest of the weekend. I cut my $10/NL losses to ($1.80) for the entire weekend, and combined with the ($4.40) that I took from Stud 8 my Full Tilt roll now stands at $68.60.

I also jumped on the Dog for a very brief session while I was listening to a time management audio book. I played some $25/NL because I have a decent roll on that site and ended up flopping a set and taking some idiot w/ TPWK for a ride. If a flush draw wouldn’t have completed on the river I would have really cleaned him out. But I played for 9 min and won $9.25. I got up because the decent player to my left ended up gathering a big stack and I didn’t want to run into him OOP. I love the Dog; it’s so super soft!!

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