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Commerce California State Championships - Event #10-13 Results

Commerce Casino
MattSavage Following are the winners of Events 14-16 of the Commerce California State Poker Championships. Congratulations to all the winners!

Tomorrow, Friday the 19th, is SUPER SATELLITE DAY. Win a seat to Saturday's Main Event. The Satellite fee is $190. Satellite's are being held at 11:30am and 6:30pm.

The entry fee for the Main Event is $1580 and the starting time is 2pm on Saturday the 20th.

The complete schedule can be found here:

Event 14

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1st PLACE Jonathan Samuels, Santa Barbara, CA $26,344
2nd PLACE Max Nguyen, Fountain Vly, CA $13,267
3rd PLACE Adrian Kuan, Canada $10,350
4th PLACE Luis Sanchez, La Habra Hts, CA $7,998
5th PLACE James Mordue, Los Angeles, CA $6,586
6th PLACE Alan Myerson, Sherman, Oaks, CA $5,175
7th PLACE John Lukin, Redondo Beach, CA $3,952
8th PLACE Richard Munro, Bell Canyon, CA $2,823
9th PLACE Unknown $2,352
10th PLACE Michael Kent, Los Angeles, CA $1,976

Event 15

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1st PLACE Mehdi Bodala, Woodland Hills, CA $16,866
2nd PLACE Reza Payvar, Irvine, CA $8,493
3rd PLACE Paul Lui, Irvine, CA $6,626
4th PLACE Alberto Zaga, Mexico $5,120
5th PLACE John Sarno, Santa Fe Spgs, CA $4,217
6th PLACE Quang Vo, Fountain Valley, CA $3,313
7th PLACE Troy Grogan, Bellevue, WA $2,530
8th PLACE Roland Weedon, Villa Park, CA $1,807
9th PLACE Brian McCann, Reseda, CA $1,506
10th PLACE John Hernandez, Chatsworth, CA $1,265

Event 16

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1st PLACE Jason Fine, Sun Valley, CA $16,347
2nd PLACE Le Kim Banh, Long Beach, CA $9,693
3rd PLACE Yan Leiderman, Pacific Plsds, CA $6,599
4th PLACE Tommy Wang, Alhambra, CA $4,263
5th PLACE Raymond Lau, Canada $3,328
6th PLACE Andrew Walla, Reseda, CA $2,628
7th PLACE Scotty Contrenas, Reseda, CA $1,985
8th PLACE Joseph Everett, Nortgridge, CA $1,460
9th PLACE Alex Kuyumjian, Thousand Oaks, CA $1,051
10th PLACE Craig Davidson, Newport Beach, CA $730


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