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A good session at the Commerce. My first blog

Commerce Casino
Hi everyone. I used to keep a blog on, but got bored with it and stopped. I do like to discuss poker and sometimes contribute in poker discussion boards over at 2plus2 and FTR. I live in Westwood and mostly play at the Commerce. I noticed some cool odds cards they were giving out last night and saw that there is a deal with tworags and they were looking for bloggers so I thought I would check it out.

I read through some of the blogs here and was pretty impressed with lineup of guys you have here so I thought why not? I'll give it a shot. Please don't laugh. I'm not a professional player, but I do want to be one day. I'm a winner at the $200 and $400 no limit games at the Commerce and would like to try to move up soon when I'm ready. I don't feel that I'm quite there yet, but i'm close.

So please give me feedback and let me know what you think about my game. I'll try to post regularly after each session.

Last night I played in the $400 game. The blinds are $2 and $5. I bought in for the full $400 and played for about 5 hours. I left the game with $1700. This was a good night for me, but not unusual. I like to move tables around looking some of the loose Asian dudes. Most raises in the $30 or so dollar range get called by 3-4 players so i'm looking for opportunities to make big raises with strong hands once there is already $100+ in the pot. When players call these $30 raises it doesn't mean they have much. So I'll usually just take the pot right down, but my hope is that I get called by a middle pair if I have a big hand or even a hand like Ace-Ten when I have big slick.

I must have won a half dozen hands this way last night. It gets to me on the button or in the blinds and Ihave a hand like big slick or Jacks through Aces and I just jam. One time I did this with Jacks and got called by A7. Sick.

One time a guy raised to $30 without looking at his hand. I only had 78 but called from the button after two other players called in front of me. The flop was 456. f-yeah!!! The guy looks at his cards and says that he has a huge hand and has to bet. He bets $200. i push and he calls $170 more. The poor dude flopped a straight too with 37. Wow!

This is fun. I hope to continue on my next entry soon. I'm probably going to join some buddies at the Commerce tomorrow night.


lakong says

Welcome to the site. I think I was playing with you for a while and saw that flopped straight over straight hand. You were in the 1 seat, right? I was sitting in the 5 seat and played that hand against you where I flopped a straight with my AJ and you bet into me on the river. Fun times playing with you and welcome to the site. I'll do a write-up on my session this weekend. Maybe you can let me know your thinking on that AJ hand. If you did bet the full $200 I might have folded, but certainly not for $100.


harlem says

I too was impressed with the line up of talent that blogs on this site. Welcome to the site and keep following your dream of becoming a pro.


lakeoffire says

Good to have you , nlman. Looking forward to your posts. welcome!


EdmondDantes says

Nice post. Keep 'em coming!


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