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EdmondDantes says

Let us gogogogo! Great pic of Harper, BTW. Good thing your wife's cute!


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Still Grinding!!!

Mr_Taterhead The last blog entry that I made was about a week ago and I displayed my results (August 2007) and goals for September. August was probably one of the best months of online poker that I have ever had monetarily. It is now the end of the first week of September and if the month goes the way it has been going, I will have set a new record for myself on the amount of money I have won in a given month by playing online poker. I have already surpassed the amount of money that I had won last month and it is only the first week of September.

I am playing $100NL regularly on Bodog now and the games are soooooo soft. I am not sure if it is due to football season kicking off and the degenerate sports bettors need more action, but all I know is that I love Bodog right now. I don’t know where these guys keep getting money from. Since September 1st I am up ~$620, which like I said earlier was more than I won for the entire month of August. It just seems like my game is really about to take off. I am so ready for some live $1-$2NL at Harrah's Horseshoe - Bossier City with Landlord79.

My wife and new son Harper are doing well. He recently went for his 2 week check up with the doctor and he had gained close to 2 lbs, which is really good the doctor said. Here is a new picture of Harper.

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