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Weekend Grindage

Mr_Taterhead Ok well I have had a pretty good weekend. Poker wise, I won a little over 2.5 BIs at my bread and butter $100NL game on Bodog. I pretty much just played ABC and ended up hitting and running on Saturday morning and on Sunday afternoon. I played probably about 3 hours of poker this weekend and won close to $250. I would say that is a good hourly rate!!!!!!

My little boy Harper was 9 weeks old today and we actually took him to church for the first time since he was born. Everyone from church was super excited to see him.

Time to go watch the Sunday Night Game. I like Denver +4.5 if anyone cares.

Bodog roll= $1,350
Total roll = $2,350


Saints are on a roll, everyone better watch out.


Anonymous says

That's a Great hourly rate! keep it up! Very nice that you took him to church. Looks like you're giving him a great start in life. I'm sure you and Mom must be very proud.


lakeoffire says

Ok...I'll say this once just for you. Go Saints! Ok, i'm a Titan fan again. Good playing BJ.


harlem says

Always nice taking the kids to church. I got rocked playing NL this weekend. I make too many mistakes and when crunch time arrives, I seem to get rattled and over think the situations.


Doylestown says

Hey BJ.....had a chance to read through your blog. Good stuff. Congrats on the baby. I'll be pulling for you but I do think your BR goal by Jan 08 may be too lofty to reach with only a couple of months left. Just keep playing well and building it. Re-evaluate for the WPT when the time comes.



xxrod17xx says

Nice job, i gotta get on Bodog i hear its sick.


Anonymous says


just to let you know that I link your blog in my webpage


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