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Full Tilt 750K gtd What not to do

I'm extremely upset at how I ended this tournament. I was 2nd in chips with 15 left when the hand below happened. I was in a good situation in this tourney and only had to really worry about 3-4 players...Adanthar being one of them. I did not think through the hand properly and instacalled on the turn. Part of this is to vent because the few people I talked to at work don't understand my blunder. They just say "Holy crap, you won $5500" I'm a teacher and that's a season of coaching a 3-4 month sport for them that I made in one night...they don't get beyond that.

Full Tilt (6 handed) Full Tilt Converter Tool from (Format: 2+2 Forums)

Seat 2: MP (1,886,861)
Seat 7: Hero BB (1,317,097)

Preflop: Hero is SB with J, J. Hero posts a blind of 50000.
2 folds, MP raises 100,000, 2 folds, Hero (poster) raises 325,000, MP calls.

Flop: T, 2, 8 (2 players) pot 686,000
Hero bets 500,000, MP raises 1,000,000, Hero calls 486097 (All-In).

Turn: 9 (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: 6 (2 players, 1 all-in)
MP showed 8 8 and won (2,658,194) with three of a kind, Eights

Final Pot:

This isn't a bad beat post. He flopped a great hand but I did not analyze the flop like I should have. Once I reraised his minraise and he just called I can pretty much rule out KK+ from this type of player. He raised my flop bet and my dumbass instacalled without thinking...that's just poor. Hit the damn time button, talk out loud to yourself like you had been doing the whole tournament, don't act like a fing donk and instacall because you have an overpair to the board. There were no straight or flush draws and I was one of the only stacks that could put a dent in him so there is no way he's raising this spot without a set or the off chance he called preflop with kings or aces.

I still would have had a manageable stack if I folded (M=5)...especially with the players that were left. This isn't a post to advise "fold if you're beat" because I didn't know where I was at in the hand. That's the problem with this whole hand. My advice is to TAKE YOUR TIME. Think through the hand carefully...there is a lot of money at stake. I don't play in enough tourneys to be in these situations that often so fing up this prime opportunity really hurts.

My Thanksgiving

My parents live out of state and so do one of my good friends parents, so for the past 2 years we've made a turkey, drank beer and watched football. Here's this year's turkey...


Luckily we had a backup plan.

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FTOPS #15 I blow

I was playing very well in this tourney and self destructed. With 190 or so left I was in the top 20 with a 95k stack. My table was playing very tight near the bubble so I took advantage and was raising a ton and when the bubble broke I had 130k and was in 8th. I went card dead for awhile until:

Blinds 1700/3400 a400

Hero 95K on button
20/7 Villain 40k UTG limps
Everyone folds to me and I raise to 11,000 with 5 5 and he calls.
K 8 7
Villain checks
What can he have here? He's put in 1/4 of his stack. I assumed something like 33-JJ I discounted QQ+, AK as I would expect a reraise preflop.
He has 29k left and the pot is 30k. I bet pot and he instacalled with QQ. Interesting way to play the ladies.

A few hands later I was in the BB with A10o with 53k. New player to table is in the small blind with 100k and limps in after everyone else folds. My M=6 after the blinds and they were shortly moving to 1000/2000 so I shoved. He calls with AKs. Game over. 95th He ended up winning the whole thing.

It was disappointing because I felt I had an advantage over everyone at my table. Til next time!!!!
I was also going to play in the main event but was way too tired.

FTOPS #8 $1000 buyin

I haven't posted in awhile because I haven't played that much poker recently. On Sunday I got the itch to play in a tournament and was going to play the $300 FTOPS tourney. During the first few hands of a satellite I got in a mini argument with my girlfriend...enough of an argument where we needed to talk right away :) so I shoved with some crap hand and we had our little talk.

So since I didn't play on Sunday I entered the $1000 buyin tournament through a $200 sat. I took a nap when I got home from work and was giving a test the next day so I felt ready to play. Below are a few hands that I'd like some input on. I'll give any needed info first and then explain my thought process afterwards. I'd really like some input on hands #6 and 8.

Hand #1 The villain has been pretty straight forward thus far.


He raised from EP, called my rr and check called the flop. I thought 77-1010 and AK were most likely. I didn't see any other hand with a nine getting here. I didn't bet the turn because the range I put him on hit all of this. I didn't bet the river either because I didn't see him calling with anything that I had beat. He ended up having the one hand that might have called a bet.

Hand #2 The villain was playing tight. 8/4


His river raise seemed like 2 pair or a flopped straight and I didn't know how much of a raise he would call. He had about 4000 left so I raised a little less than half. Bigger raise?

Hand #3 At table for 1 orbit. Both opponents had been active.


Fold? I know this was a fold but it was tempting. In that 1 orbit the villain had reraised twice already which made me consider taking my chances for 20% of my stack. What range of hands should I push with?

Hand #4 The first raiser was Lynette Chan and she was playing 36/36. The caller had a big stack and was calling everything.


I thought this was a good time for a reraise and anything else but a shove left me nothing to bet the flop. Hello pretty ladies!!

Hand #5 The villain is Lynette again. She was playing very aggro 36/36 and we're on the bubble. 216 get paid, 250 or so left. She had been reraising frequently.


Bad shove? I called preflop assuming there was a good chance that Chan would shove and I intended on calling if badestchic folded. I thought Chan's range was very wide here and once she reraises I know she's not folding to my push. Normally I would reraise dabadestchic but I had already done so a couple of times recently.

Hand #6 Villain was very active 25/23

Hand #6

I flat called the reraise hoping to trap as the villain had been very active. I thought for sure that he would bet the flop as he had been and all of his reraising hands got there on the turn. AA, AK, QQ, JJ
My small turn call was more out of frustration than anything else. He most likely had QQ or JJ. I may have actually saved money on this hand as I would have been allin vs many other players preflop.

Hand #7 My bustout hand.


This was one of the first hands after the break and I was finishing up an email so I didn't evaluate the hand like I should have. The first raiser's range is very wide as he's pushed twice with some crap so I was really only concerned with badestchic. My M was 5 and I said "Screw it" and pushed. In retrospect Dabadestchic's flat call looks suspicious as I assume she would isolate with many hands. I'm not sure about this one with two players in the pot already.

Don't hold back with your comments.

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