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Wii Coaching

I've asked a couple of people if they were interested in doing some coaching. I've been reading their forum posts and blogs and thought they did an excellent job in their analysis of hands. If all goes well I'll keep people posted on the ins and outs of coaching and how it all works.

I had been doing very well in poker recently until today :(
I lost the most ever for me in one day...$1500. Although I'm slightly upset, I played all of the hands correctly (I think) except one. I was a favorite in most of the hands and got sucked out on...what can you do?

I also bought a Wii. Yay for me, I have a Wii! To tell you the truth I feel a little...well you know...for buying one but whatever. I had won some money and wanted to treat myself to something so I made an impulse buy. My gf is happy.

The Invincible Toilet

I've thought about this before but Bond's recent post about SCTrojans quitting poker due to high volume play and burnout made me think about it again. How the hell do you tourney pros play 6-10 tables at a time and find time to eat and more importantly take a dump? I'll play 3-4 at a time and you'll often find me sprinting up to the bathroom during the break or if I'm in early position on most of the tables. It's ridiculous! The other day I got back to the computer and I had folded KK and two players pushed preflop with medium pairs. I used to take the laptop into the bathroom with me which is pretty pathetic. My laptop broke though or else I'm sure I would still squat and play. I've been told that I poop more than the average man so maybe it's just me :)

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Problem solved.

My "condition", as I'll call it now, is therefore more suitable for cash games since I can just sit out for an orbit. I've been very focused lately and doing very well at 1/2 and 2/4. I would list some key hands but most of my play has been on sites without hand history text...or at least I don't think they have it. I wanted to give a little advice for those players that go on a heater. Do not get into the mindset that you're invincible as it can impact the way you play. It's very easy to get this feeling after winning especially when you’re running over tables and the biggest resulting mistake is opening up your range too much. You start to feel you can win with any hand and that is only going to get yourself in trouble. While you may normally call in position with J10s after a raiser, winning streaks may cause you to start calling with J9s ,J8s which leads to J10o, J9o. That’s not to say the call is not correct depending on the table dynamics but when you’re feeling invincible every hand looks like a winner.

I think it’s also important to analyze and review why you’re winning to keep up the good play. Many people only review their sessions when they’re on a losing streak to make corrections.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their support when I mentioned the protégé contest. I was waiting for months for the announcement and then a couple of days after my post they were announced. Truth be told I was a little bummed as I thought I was a perfect candidate. Oh well.

Lastly, I would like some pros to comment on the bathroom issue if they're reading. I'm seriously curious.

Son of a

I didn't win the protege contest


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