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Anonymous says

Good Luck with the contest.

Man I hate those dreams when your about to get some and your goes off.

Glad your back


Mr_Taterhead says

That should be when your alarm goes off :)


Anonymous says

Welcome back...maybe you can pick up where you left off tonight. I have a question. When you sign up for Cardrunners do you have to pay each time you view a video? On top of the sign up cost?


harlem says

The good things about dreams is they rarely come true.


EdmondDantes says

I think you need to kickstart the dream with a nice mullet with a 2R logo shaved onto your temples. It worked for ckingusc!


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Swami's back and he has a dream

Swami54 I haven't posted in awhile because I came to the realization "Who really gives a crap what I have to say?" I talked to Dante and he reeled me back in a little. I originally was going to talk about my trip to Mexico City or my recent 5th place screw up in the Cake 100k but settled on an event from today.

The following is a true story:

As many other members at cardrunners I applied for the Taylor Caby protege contest. I've been checking his blog and the forums daily to see if the winners have been announced. All of this is having an effect on my subconscious as I had a dream about it.

In the dream I was hanging out with Taylor drinking some beer and he was introducing me to a bunch of different people. Many of his friends said, "You must be Jeremy" which led me to believe in my dream that I was one of the winners. A gambling game started up where everyone received one card face up and the buyin was $1000. Although out of my price range I forked it over since I would be making some money once the lessons started. I lost.

At one point everyone was talking about where to go out that night and I looked down and noticed that I was wearing warmup pants and a t-shirt and needed to change. Next thing I know I'm in different clothes and everyone was getting ready to go out. There was one taxi and everyone wouldn't fit. Taylor says, "Hey man, It was nice hanging out with you...see you later" and proceeds to get in the car leaving me standing outside. Humiliated I yelled "F@#! you guys!" and began to walk home.

"Oh, we didn't know you wanted to go...come on"

"Screw you bastards" and I walked home which happened to be on the corner. My place was above a strip mall with a food court where I saw a girl crying that I used to mess around with years ago. Suave as can be I said "You want to come upstairs and talk?" She followed me up the stairs and as I led her into my place.....

my damn alarm goes off! No joke. I'm humiliated in a dream and I can't even make it better by getting a little.

Hopefully I can't foresee the future even though I am the Swami. I want to win that damn contest.

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