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Bellagio Day 3: lol, donkament

Adanthar Buuuuuuuusto ~54'th for 29K (which, minus staking and makeup, means I made 1K on the series. Ship it?)

There were a bunch of hands, but the key four in a nutshell:

-Up to 200K by chipping up and never seeing a showdown, I raise QQ at 2/4K. Loose/bad Asian guy calls 1/3 of his stack in the BB, then stop and goes me all in on a J86 flop with the mighty 98o. It's good, so I lose 70K.

-Back to 200K by chipping up and never seeing a showdown, I eventually win a big flip with tens vs. AK, get up to 330K, then raise AJ from MP to 22K at 4/8 with a very tight image. Folded to the BB, who's been playing worse and worse all day as he's gotten drunker and drunker; he calls. Flop K J 3, he checks, I bet something like 35K to try to induce a shove, he snap shoves, I snap call and his K2 wins (sigh, way to CR your bluff catcher). This drops me down to 140K while he gets about 300K. Over the next hour, while I chip up one hand at a time, he defends his BB again with 64s and flops a boat vs. 99, calls a 9x shove with K3o and wins, and generally luckboxes a million chips or so. Well, okay then, at least I'm still in.

-Back to 190K when the following hand happens: MP3, who has been raising my BB from the button all day and generally trying to be aggro (it would work better if he didn't keep running into monsters behind him or I wasn't 3 betting him light; as it was, he'd steal my blinds 2-3 times, then I'd reraise him light and win them back so it would even out), raises to 24K at 4/8K. CO, who's new to the table, calls, I find ATo on the button and run my second squeeze of the day to 65K. MP3 tanks forever and (apparently) folds AQ.....but CO actually thinks and shoves?? Now I'm getting 2:1, can't really be against aces and eventually wind up making a pot odds call against 99 on the last hand of the level, then win the giant coinflip when the doorcard is a T. The rail berates me, etc., but they're bad at poker, and I've got 436K going into 5/10 at the best table in the tournament with a couple of really bad players, one of whom has a million chips. Also, my image is shot, which is perfect because the plan is to nit up the last 90 minutes and hit homeruns when I actually get hands.

-So, obviously, on the first orbit of 5/10K, the drunk guy raises to 30K, the button (MP3 from the last hand) calls, and I look down at AK in the big blind. Options: 1)just shove, 2)go for massive value because I'm "obviously squeezing", make it some really large number and PSB shove most flops (check/folding horrible ones like 876 or something). I pick option 2 and make it 150K, MP3 takes 15 seconds, says something like "I've got you figured out, you're squeezing, blah blah blah" and splashes a bunch of 10K chips into the pot.

Flop Q98, pretty perfect. I shove. He turbocalls with...JT; turn brick, river brick. Yes, that's right, he put 1/3 of our effective stacks in with jack ten soooooooted and flopped the nuts in a 900,000 chip pot (average stack at the FT will be 2 million). Then, with his new 1.5 million chip stack with 50 people left, he gloats and says how he knew I was squeezing.

I swear I've never been more tilted or pissed off while playing this game as I was for the next five minutes. I could deal with the bad side of a coinflip or a generic bad beat. This was above and beyond. I usually try to act with as much class as possible at the table, but the sarcastic "well played sir, you definitely had me figured out" I came up with was the least of what I actually wanted to say. If he'd been sitting next to me and not across the table I might have wound up arrested.

When play ended for the day, forty five minutes and two very well timed calls to my wife later, I was beginning to unwind while sitting with Vivek (who's still in) at the buffet when an older guy, who was sitting with me during a bunch of Day 1, totally randomly came up and complemented me on my play at the time. That helped, and I calmed down enough to grab another plate of food when Devilfish Ulliot, who'd also been at my table for the last hour or so and at a couple of my WSOP tables, also came up, told me 'nice play, unlucky' and the more important 'Gus Hansen got the guy to do the same thing you did with the nut flush draw and won a million off him - he's down to 300K now'.

And that's the story of why Gus Hansen is now the chipleader, some drunk asshole is almost busto and I'm blogging this at 1:30 AM instead of getting some sleep. Amazingly enough, I'm not even bitter or pissed off anymore - I played so well in these three days and got myself in perfect position to final table a huge event, was all in for all of my chips a grand total of four times and just wound up in the unluckiest possible spot the last time out after I got the guy to make a giant mistake. I'll be back; he won't. In the meantime, there are a bunch more tournaments to play.

In conclusion, lol donkaments.


shaundeeb says



Anonymous says

You're due, it's just a matter of time. Good luck.


Chump Change (Anonymous) says

Lol donkaments indeed. You're a stronger man than I to avoid getting arrested.


brad2002tj says

Run better next time imo.


lakong says

fu*&*^^! Does that suck or what? Sorry to hear, Serge! I was trying to follow your progress during the day but I didn't see you listed anywhere on the cardplayer chip count pages. Were you going under an alias?


Bond18 says



harlem says

Tuff luck. The cards just weren't in your favor. Take a minute and then come out swinging.


Anonymous says

"I'll be back, he won't".

Awesome. And so obviously true. GG.


TPTK77 (twoplustwo) cardrunners (Anonymous) says

Hey Adanthar,

After watching one of your videos on Cardrunners, this particular situation came up in my tournament and it was exactly what you said, AA with their particular stack size.



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