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In Fresno

After a week largely spent playing PLO (and giving an interview. brag: I get to be on NPR talking about AP/UB in a couple of weeks. watch this space), I made it to Fresno last night to hang out at Club One for the weekend.

So far, I've played one 60 dollar satellite to the 500 dollar main event thingie (that I somehow won despite not actually remembering any of it because I was jet lagged) and a celebrity bounty event in which I had a decent bounty on my head (results: got it in drawing pretty dead, whee). Despite that, I have to give a shoutout to Club One to anybody in Fresno that happens to be reading this. The place is excellently run, well maintained, has good tournament staff, and happens to be non-smoking, which, combined, makes it by far the best non-Vegas poker room I've ever been in. About the only thing I vaguely regret is not playing with the FHM model girl in the celebrity event, whom I gave a brief primer on poker since it was her first time ever playing the game (summary: "wait until you get AA-JJ, AK, then go all in".) There was also a prop bet with Shaun Deeb I was freerolling on in which I was going to make him wear something really dumb to the ME tomorrow, but getting it in drawing nearly dead put a stop to that, too. Awwwww.

I'll update with my results and bustout hand at some point tomorrow, but I definitely like it here and would recommend the room to anybody.

I think there was some poker in here somewhere

I went to Korea to play a poker tournament and then go on vacation for two weeks. The tournament part turned out to be quick and painless - three hours into the thing, QQ ran into a set on a 6 high flop with 60 BB, then, 15 minutes later, ran into another one on an 8 high flop with 25 BB. As they say in this country, gg no re.

I don't actually care about this because, as it turns out, I've been busy watching this:

click to enlarge the image

Yes, that's right, they really do have a Starcraft channel here...actually, two gaming channels, which both mostly show non-stop Starcraft games complete with breathless, excited commentary. If poker ever catches on here, the results will either be really really good or really really bad. I'm not sure which.

When I haven't been watching that, we've been doing stuff like this:

click to enlarge the image

In that shot, I'm paying 10 bucks to have lots of fish eat dead skin cells off my feet to make them healthier. Oddly enough, this not only actually works, but is probably the most fun thing I've ever done in a foreign country.

If fish that nibble substantial parts of your legs off aren't your thing, you could always do this instead:

click to enlarge the image

click to enlarge the image

click to enlarge the image

Those are shots of a 1300 year old, partly rebuilt Buddhist temple basically in the middle of nowhere (it helps to have in-laws that love you despite not actually having a language in common who will ferry you around to places like this one.)

Bonus shot from a particularly nice cliffside:

click to enlarge the image

Prettiest. Country. Ever.

I'll probably get some more card games in and/or find Adam [censored] Junglen's mom at some point, but right now, I'm enjoying this vacation a lot.

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