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Right, yeah, that hope thing

Since my last entry, I've played 2 full tournament days (by "full", I mean "very little", because I suck at volume) and a half day on Sunday. The Sunday was a complete bust, but last Wednesday included an FT bubble on UB and tonight had a 9'th place finish in the Cake 30r. That's the good news; the bad is that I think I played the UB tourney mediocre and probably did something wrong in the Cake tourney, too - I had a 270K (1st) to 110K (2nd) CL with 15 left, lost it on a pretty mediocre PF call, got most of it back with 12 left and then proceeded to bluff a good chunk of it off/not win another pot for half an hour. It doesn't help when people decide to defend their blind with 92s and get there, but that wasn't the entire story; once I got that lead, I just should have done more with it than I did.

It's been a long time since I've been final tabling this consistently, but now that I'm doing it, I need to top 3 and/or win these things, and that's just not happening so far. It feels like a combination of being rusty shorthanded and (still) just running bad in critical spots late, but I can't really complain about that tonight. Regardless, losing money ($100, but still) when you FT something is yucky. Ah well - with the low volume I play, 3 FT's and a bubble over a week is a big deal regardless/being up five figures is nice.

I should also say that I've partly dropped down in stakes. I always enjoyed playing well overrolled for almost everything I've ever decided to try and that still holds - theoretically, I have well over what I need - but with an investment I have going and this summer's likely WSOP spending extravaganza, a lot of my money has been transferred offline. Between that and the Intrade account, I don't really have enough online on every site to play $1K a day worth of buyins (BTW, the fact that I say "1K" should tip you off as to how little I actually play, sigh), and the variance in the larger tourney fields also works against that BR requirement. One of the reasons I was getting really sick of tournaments prior to recent events was simply not going deep enough often enough, which is entirely normal when everything you play has 1K people in it. Because of that, rather than spend a bunch of time on tilt from playing $150's I'm kinda shortrolled for (again, I could afford it, but it's hard enough to transfer money between the usual 4-6 sites these days that it's a pain in the ass for a tourney regular), my weekday schedule now has a bunch of $20-30 rebuys and $50-100 FO's with 200-400 people. The BR requirement is theoretically only slightly lower, but with 5-10K for 1'st, the field is much worse and has a lot more really terrible fish instead of mediocre regs. That, in turn, makes it easier to go deep and harder to get frustrated with poker, so except for Sundays, I think I'm gonna be playing that kind of sched a lot from now until at least the end of the summer.

I'll be leaving for Vegas again in about 4 weeks. It's hard to say whether I'm looking forward to it or not; I like the poker boot camp environment, but leaving my wife and comfortable apartment behind every year is hard. With that said, I think I can use the boot camp thing right now, so at worst, it'll be good to be around a bunch of people and thinking about the game again.

Also, I'm rooming with the blog updates ought to be interesting :)

It's definitely getting better but I can't decide how much

Played only two tourneys today. #1 was a weird, tiny Cake gold card freeroll rebuy where, on the first hand post-rebuy period, I got AA in vs. KT for a top 3 stack (with 18 left/3 2K WSOP packages) on a Kxx board and lost.

#2 was the UB bountyment. I came to the FT with the #2 stack, misplayed a really weird hand, possibly misplayed another (but doubt it), came back, and eventually got someone to call off 40% of effective stacks PF holding A T vs. my JJ 4 handed. The rest went in on the flop, which was 8 high with, of course, 3 spades.

Since I didn't play Monday, that makes 2 FT's in 6 tourneys, plus a very good day on Intrade today when Obama predictably lost Pennsylvania/dragged the political prediction season out another two months. But I still have to complain - I'm just not getting the good breaks late in tourneys that make up so godawfully much of your ROI.

Oh well. Now to go figure out how badly I messed that first hand up.

Finally got something worth posting

After a really frustrating month and a half, I finally have a major FT to show for it, the UB 200K. That tournament's been very good to me over the years, and today was no exception. Unfortunately, I ran just like I've run since March once I actually made the final table and took 6'th for 9K after two back to back unavoidable coolers, but I did play really good poker to get there (answer to how long it takes for enough bad beats to make me a little sloppy: right around a month and a half. In fact, I was starting to worry at how long it was taking to get a tournament worth making a video about this month...)

Now to keep doing that and build on the nice after tax season bounce.

Also, bonus hand for those of you who think I'm nitty (nobody post this on 2+2 for a day or two please):

MaximusBets is at seat 0 with 3010.
lowhanginset is at seat 1 with 7250.
PocketOwnage is at seat 2 with 1810.
-BENTLEY- is at seat 3 with 2660.
jas0042 is at seat 4 with 2600.
Vezina_08 is at seat 5 with 1450.
Adanthar1 is at seat 6 with 3900.
BiggDaddyBink is at seat 7 with 3420.
TheLynx is at seat 8 with 7100.
elveee is at seat 9 with 875.
The button is at seat 9.

MaximusBets posts the small blind of 20.
lowhanginset posts the big blind of 40.

MaximusBets: -- --
lowhanginset: -- --
PocketOwnage: -- --
-BENTLEY-: -- --
jas0042: -- --
Vezina_08: -- --
Adanthar1: 9d Ad
BiggDaddyBink: -- --
TheLynx: -- --
elveee: -- --


PocketOwnage folds. -BENTLEY- folds. jas0042 folds.
Vezina_08 folds. Adanthar1 raises to 120.
BiggDaddyBink folds. TheLynx folds. elveee folds.
MaximusBets folds. lowhanginset calls.

Flop (board: 9c Qc 2s):

lowhanginset checks. Adanthar1 bets 160.
lowhanginset calls.

Turn (board: 9c Qc 2s 7h):

lowhanginset checks. Adanthar1 checks.

River (board: 9c Qc 2s 7h 2h):

lowhanginset checks. Adanthar1 bets 350.
lowhanginset raises to 900. Adanthar1 calls.


lowhanginset shows As Jc.
lowhanginset has As Jc Qc 2s 2h: a pair of deuces.
Adanthar1 shows 9d Ad.
Adanthar1 has 9d Ad 9c 2s 2h: two pair, nines and deuces.

EPassporte suspending US poker site service

No details other than what I'm reading on 2+2, but I thought I'd pass it on. It looks like they're still processing withdrawals if you have money actually in the e-wallet, but are pulling out of the poker deposit/withdrawal business.

Looking at PS, FTP and Cake, it seems they all have alternate ewallets and bank account transfers set up (for anyone that cares, after about a six month gap, Cake has finally had check service for the last couple of weeks), so the effects, if any, should be minimal. Nevertheless, it sure would be nice to get a friendlier, non-Republican controlled DOJ right about now. season

Stuff that everyone reading this should do if they haven't already:

-Get an extension. Anybody know a gambling CPA in the NYC area? :(

In case that doesn't work, though...

-Do your taxes. That is, don't not do your taxes. A surprising amount of people I know are in this category :p

-Finalize your records. I keep good ones to start with, but even if you don't, the least you should do is take all those random withdrawal slips and make an Excel file that you can point at a couple of years from now when you've long since forgotten everything.

-Fill out a Treasury form and get it in before 6/30 if you've got 10K in overseas accounts. Poker sites are a gray area.

-If you're a pro, include a check for Q1 estimated taxes when you do your return.

-Make a resolution to actually get receipts for everything you do this year and not just rely on credit card statements...oops.

-Prepare for the inevitable audit (as a pro, I'm pretty sure the chances of an audit in the next five years are roughly 100%. Sigh.)


Talked to a reporter today for about 2 hours. 60 Minutes etc. is very likely to happen, but the show probably won't air until the fall when their season starts up.

I wonder if somebody'll ask a question on that during the campaign?
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