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No Luck Hunting

BadgerPro Didn't get any deer this weekend bow hunting. Had two smaller bucks come by but I passed on them and then the one big buck I did see didn't come close enough. Was a great time as always though. Hunt all day and then drink all night and then repeat. I hunt with a great group of guys so it's rarely ever a bad time when we're up there even if we don't see any deer. Next week is gun hunting so hopefully I'll have a little more success then.

My internet doesn't work when I'm up north either so there won't be any updates unless they are some voice updates. I'll be playing mostly cash this week with the exception of the FTOPS event on Wednesday that I mentioned in the last blog. I'll have another update or two up before heading out hunting all next week.


lakeoffire says

You should have better luck when gun season starts. Good luck Wed.


jackbobby says

Keep us informed and try to take some pictures if you have any luck.


harlem says

Who needs the internet when you are out in nature. Good luck and good shooting


Anonymous says

At least the deer were lucky!


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