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A little Ketchup

Been two weeks since I've put a blog up. My computer took a crash on me... again. Just before last weekend my internet browsers stopped working and so did my AIM. When I started to mess around with it and try to fix it I just ended up making things worse. So about the middle of last week I just wiped the whole computer and reinstalled windows and now everything seems to be back in good working order.

Last weekend was also my little sister's wedding so I wasn't doing much playing as I had commitments for that from Thursday - Sunday. It was a great time though and she married a really good guy. They grows up so fast now... *tear*.

So I missed the big majors last Sunday due to the wedding but got back in time to jump in the Stars 2nd Chance tourney. I ended up going deep in that and then busting when I got it all in preflop with AA against QTs for a top 2 stack with 50 left only to lose to his rivered two pair. Then at the end of the night I lost HU in another 33r for my second PCA seat. I now realize what it feels like to get nothing when the other guy gets $12k and it sucks. I then got HU again on Tuesday in the 33r and again lost. I really don't feel like there is anything wrong with my HU game but it's going to be something I look at now just to make sure as I figure it could use some improvements anyways.

I then spent this last week playing exclusively tournaments. I final tabled the 22r one night and lost when I got it in on the turn with kings against a guy with a straight draw which obviously hit on the river to knock me out in 4th. That was my only decent deep finish in a tournament during the week. I played a lot of Stars 45 man $60 turbo sit n gos and did pretty well in them. They take about an hour to run and it's about $750 to first. It's a bit of a luck fest but it's nice to jump in them when I only have one or two tourneys running and I'm getting a bit bored.

This past weekend was Halloween and Homecoming here in Madison so it was crazy starting on Thursday night through the weekend with a ton of people coming into town. So after a disappointing Wednesday night where I got a big stack in Stars $320 tournament and then didn't even cash I didn't really get any play in from Thursday - Saturday except for a few sessions of the 45 man turbos.

So that brings me to Sunday, which like usual, was a huge disappointment. I never got anything going in the Stars or Full Tilt big Sunday Tournaments and ended up running into aces to bust out of both of them. I did get deep in a few tournaments though. With about 20 left in Stars afternoon $55 tournament which got over 1400 runners I lost with aces to kings when we got it all in preflop and he spiked a king on the river. It wouldn't have been as crushing a blow but the pot was for 550k in chips and a massive chip lead considering the average at the final table was going to be about 450k (I think 2nd in chips only had about 250k at the time of the pot).

I then final tabled a $27.50 tourney and got knocked out in 5th when I lost with JJ to AKs. I made another final table of a PCA satellite but went out in 5th or 6th (can't remember). I'm not sure why I continue to torture myself with those satellites since I already have my seat and it's a crushing blow to get so close and get nothing but they are still a good value I guess.

Sunday was a long day though and while it was really disappointing to get so close to a few big scores I did finish up some on the day so it wasn't a complete loss. I'm not sure what my plan is for this week. The Packers play tonight on MNF and I want to get up bow hunting later this week. Which probably means it will be a mix of cash and tournaments. Cash when I don't want to have to commit to the time it takes to play a tourney and tournaments on the few days where I can plan on playing for a few hours.

One last quick side note. TwoRags is putting together a audio blog where I will be able to call into a voice mail system and leave audio updates that will automatically be posted here so you can look for that in the coming weeks.

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