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Happy New Years!

Big Happy New Years to everybody!!!!!!

I'm glad to be out of 2007 as it was not as good to me as 2006 was. I felt like my game improved from what it was in 2006 but unlike 2006 every shot I took at bigger tourneys ended in disaster. Especially live where I got my first chance at some of the big buy-in tournaments. It all started when I busted the PCA about 30 minutes into the second level when AA < KK all-in preflop. So, remembering that I will base all of my 2008 on what happens at the PCA. If I take a sick beat like that again I'm just walking away from the game. (OK, that's a complete lie.)

I only have one "New Year's Resolution" for 2008 and that is to try and keep my blog updated a little more. I've been pretty lazy on the blogging side of things the past few weeks and will try and keep it updated more in '08. I've been on top of pretty much everything else and while I could put more hours in playing I feel like that will happen naturally when I get on a better schedule which I haven't been able to do since the beginning of November with hunting, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

There is only one thing that I don't like about New Years and that's the wave of people who show up at the gym every January. Obviously everybody's resolution is to, 'get in shape,' and there are a ton of new people who show up at the gym. Happens every year and by the end of the first two weeks 50% will be gone and by the end of 2 months 90% will be. Don't get me wrong I like that people are trying to get in shape but it's really annoying to have everybody try to start doing at the exact same time. Just a quick rant about a pet peeve but by the time I get back from the PCA I figure most will be gone.... end rant.

I've played mostly cash the past few weeks which has been going really well over the holiday season as the games get very soft and I was able to take full advantage of that. I saw a comment on the last blog that I should be up to 5th in the FTP 50/50 tourney by now and I probably would have been but I lost with AA to AK (aipf) for a huge pot the last time I played it. Damned tourneys keep pulling me back in.

I leave for the Bahamas on Friday and am really looking forward to it as it's getting really really cold here in Wisconsin. It wasn't until about a week ago when I was headed out for the night that I started to get excited about the trip. Last year was a blast and if I can repeat that trip without the early tourney bust out I would be ecstatic.

I'll post a few sites here that should track my progress during the tournament at least a little bit:

Two Plus Two Pokercast

Pocket Fives Live

PokerStars Poker Blog

Not sure if any of them will have real time updates on me but they should at least have a chip count of some sort at the end of the day. I play on Day 1a, Saturday, so look for updates on Andy "BadgerPro" Schultz and hopefully I have some sort of huge stack (read: survive) going into Day 2. I will do my best to get an update up here on my blog but last year while down there I didn't get online at all since I was in the Bahamas and I wasn't gonna waste my vacation sitting on the computer. If anyone is down there for the tourney make sure to say if you see me.

The Upside of Down

I don't want to make it official yet but I think the downswing and the running bad is finally coming to an end. I'm not running good yet but I'm definitely not running bad anymore. Last night I finished in 13th in the Full Tilt Fifty Fifty and tonight I finished in 12th. So definitely getting closer.

Cash games were even starting to turn on me toward the end of this week as I was losing pretty much every all in pot I played. I lost to a one outer yesterday when I turned the king high flush and he rivered a gutshot straight flush to beat me. I was starting to think that I couldn't win anymore but then I finally got lucky when I beat AQ with 86 of hearts on a QQ97 two heart board. We got it all in on the turn and I hit the 5 on the river for the straight.

I heard a quote watching TV yesterday that inspired me, "Good is the enemy of great." Which got me motivated to really get back to studying and working to improve my poker game. Everytime I hit a downswing I usually read a book on poker and watch some videos to try and plug any leaks in my game and everytime I get out of a downswing I feel like my game is stronger. I am tired of being a 'good' player though and my resolution for 2008 is to not settle for being 'good' but work to be great.

The other positive about a downswing is that I find myself in the gym a lot more. The past 3 weeks when the cards haven't been falling my way have been the best 3 weeks of workouts for me in a long time. I've even been putting in a good hour of cardio after my lifts, which is rare for me.

We got another 6 inches of snow on Monday night and I finally got to get out boarding with my buddy Mike on Tuesday night. I was a little rusty at first but it comes back quick. I only got out 4 or 5 times last year but then we didn't get much snow. Hopefully the snow keeps up this year and I can hit the slopes a little more.

More Of The Same

I stayed away from tournaments for the most part this week and stuck mostly to the cash games. I didn't put as many hours in actually playing this week either. I spent more time reading the forums and thinking about game strategy and theory as well as disguising some hands with other players to try and figure out any leaks I have right now.

I really don't think there is too much wrong with my game right now. When I get frustrated and go on tilt is only time I don't think I'm playing profitably. With this tournament downswing and the slow to break even progress in cash games it's been pretty tough lately to stay off of tilt. Many times I'll start out playing my 'A' game just to take some bad beats or coolers early. Sometimes I'm able to laugh it off but other times I can tell it affects my game. I am getting better at controlling it and as I get through this little rough patch here I will defintiley be able to stay off tilt easier and there have been a few ridiculous spots lately that have really pushed my patience to the limits.

I did play two tournament this week. Both of them were $50 freezeouts on Stars. The fist one I played in earlier this week and lost with AA to KK during the first level. Already being fed up with tournaments I decided that was enough of those for the day. Yesterday I jumped in one more little $50 tourney. I built up my stack up nice early having KK hold against ATo and TT against 99 during the second hour. Then my luck turned and I called short stacks shove with AK and he flipped QQ for a classic race. The flop came KJx but the turn brought a T giving him an open ended straight draw which of course got there with a 9 on the river. It's always tougher to take the beat when you see the K flop and know he has two outs or needs runner runner for a straight since even though it was still a flip when the money went in mentally it doesn't feel that way. The very next hand of the tourney there were two limpers and I limped behind on the button with KQo. The flop came down 25Q giving me top pair but there was also a spade flush draw out there. It checked to me thought so I tossed out a 2/3s pot sized bet and the small blind called but everyone else folded. The turn brought the ten of clubs putting two clubs on the board and the small blind led for 2k which was about 1/3 pot leaving himself 4k behind. We were about even in chips and I jammed for my last 4k since I really felt weakness from him like he was on a draw or had a weaker Q. He thought for a little bit and called with 34 of clubs for a straight draw along with a flush draw he picked up on the turn. The river hit his club and sent me to the rail. Winning either the flip or the last hand would have left me with a big stack as the tournament approached the bubble. So the tournament frustrations continue for the time being.

This week brought more snow in Madison and there is more in the forcast for the remainder of the weekend. I haven't gotten out snowboarding yet but I have some plans to go next weekend. Tonight is the Wisconsin vs Marquette basketball game which should be a good battle with Marquette being ranked above the Badgers but the game is at the Kohl center here in Madison where the Badgers are deadly. After the game it's the Mayweather vs Hatton fight. After watching some of the prefight coverage I'd really like to see Hatton win but it's not a big deal to me and I just hope it's a good fight... that ends in a knockout. It's always more entertaining when it doesn't have to go to the judges.

Gotta run though as my buddy, Colin, who I have season tickets to the basketball games with is here to pick me up. Sorry if there's any big errors in the blog I usually give it a quick read over but don't have a spare minute this time.

Back In The Saddle

Sorry it's been forever since I've had a blog up. I usually try and wait for some good news like a decent tourney score or a sick day in cash games when I'm lookoing to start up again but it just hasn't happened for me lately. I'll try to get back into the habit of putting up a blog bi-daily or close to it again.

Gun hunting was a great time as usual. I ended up shooting two does and tagging another buddy's buck so I have plenty of venison to get me through another year. I was up north for the entire week except Wednesday and Thursday when I was home for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was great but I did get some bad news while at home. My family dog, Lucky, was put to sleep on the Friday after Thanksgiving so while I was home I made sure to spend some time with her. She was 13 years old when she passed which was well above the average life span for her breed. Lucky was a gift from my Dad to my sister and I after my parents seprated so there were a lot of memories that went with her.

I'm thinking that some of my luck may have gone with Lucky since I don't think I can run much worse since getting home from hunting. Cash games are going all right but nowhere near what I normally expect and over the past weekend I went 0/30 in even getting a cash in tournaments. A buddy was over playing tournaments on Saturday and after losing 3 flips in a row I jokingly started to count them. It lost its humor after about 10 in a row and finally ended when I won my 13th flip. That didn't include losing with a few overpairs and a few other times where I got it in as a big favorite. My buddy didn't run much better as he did cash a few tourneys but lost every important flip late including 3 in a row in one tournament with about 5 tables left.

I was hoping to play more tourneys in December to get ready for the PCA but with the past few days results I'm going to stick with cash games until after Christmas. Stars even has a promotion for the top 100 tourney players in December which would have been nice to try for. Enough complaining though. Hopefully I can have some better news in my next few blogs about the sick upswing I'm about to go on. (I think I can hold out until the PCA for it.)

It has been entertaining in Madison lately though. We got a ton of snow over the weekend which was followed by freezing rain. So all of the people who park on the street have been having a hell of a time trying to get their cars out. The city of Madison isn't allowed to use salt on the roads because of the two lakes that surround it so the streets are ridiculous for a few days after a snow and the plows just toss all the snow to side of the streets. I have my computer set up by the window and a few times a day I will hear an engine revving and tires spinning. Then looking out the window I'll see some poor guy attempting to get his car unstuck. I used to drive a camaro year round so I know what it's like trying to drive in the snow here and it makes me greatful I have my truck now. We got another few inches today which probably won't help. I love the snow though and hope to get out boarding soon and may even try and head up for some late season bowhunting. It's always cold huting during the late season but the snow forces the deer to feeding areas so they are easier to predict.

Edit: Forgot to add that my laptop crashed again on Monday so I'm working on getting that back up and running. I really hate computers right now.

No Luck Hunting

Didn't get any deer this weekend bow hunting. Had two smaller bucks come by but I passed on them and then the one big buck I did see didn't come close enough. Was a great time as always though. Hunt all day and then drink all night and then repeat. I hunt with a great group of guys so it's rarely ever a bad time when we're up there even if we don't see any deer. Next week is gun hunting so hopefully I'll have a little more success then.

My internet doesn't work when I'm up north either so there won't be any updates unless they are some voice updates. I'll be playing mostly cash this week with the exception of the FTOPS event on Wednesday that I mentioned in the last blog. I'll have another update or two up before heading out hunting all next week.
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