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A Very Tired Sunday

After being up late on Saturday at a friend's graduation party and having to spend twice as long driving back to Madison on Sunday because of a ten inch snow storm I was a little tired while playing on Sunday. I don't think it had much of an effect on my early tourneys but I think some of the later ones I entered, the FTOPS main event, it did cause me to make a few mistakes that I probably normally don't.

I'm not saying I was playing horribly and making mistakes left and right. I still felt like I played really well. It's tough to judge how much something like playing tired affects your play since it would take playing a few thousand tournaments both tired and not tired to really be able to see a difference. I can however look at individual hands and lines I took to see if I would play it differently. Here is one hand from the FTOPS main event that bothered me:

I was top 20 in the tournament at that point and so was the villain in the hand. I think most of the time I should be three betting this hand preflop since he raised from late position, which he does with a wide range. My river call also bothered me some. However, after looking back at the hand today I don't think my play was bad. Just calling preflop helps to keep the pot smaller and I really don't want to play a huge pot for stacks with AQo as getting stacked here with it would be pretty bad this deep. Then there is the call on the river. When he raised I really felt like he had tens, queen-ten, missed diamonds, or he figured I might have missed the diamond flush. I really didn't consider jack-nine, probably because of how it went runner runner to get there it wasn't in my mind. I was getting 3:1 on my call so looking back I think it's a fold but I think it is closer than I originally thought yesterday.

So I do think three betting preflop is best and I think the river is a fold but both of those are easy to say looking back. If I three bet preflop he most likely folds his jack-nine and I win a small pot. It's also easy to say I should fold the river considering I called and lost. I don't think either play is bad and I think even if I'm playing my 'A' game that I play it differently.

I did end up busting a little bit before the money in the FTOPS and didn't have any big cashes on the day. I did get deep in a $75 tourney on Full Tilt but ran tens into kings late and fell short in what was my last chance at a good score on the day.

Here are a few hands from my final table Friday night:

I lose a big hand with AKs and fall down to 6.5 big blinds with the blinds scheduled to go up before they get back around to me. I figured if I wanted any sort of shot at still winning the tournament I would have to shove a hand before they go to me or I would lose all of my fold equity when I woke up with the monster five-six in early position:

There wasn't much doubt in my mind once I flopped the open ended straight draw that I would get there and suck out on both kings and aces. I then had kings hold over queens to knock a player out and sevens hold against AJs even though he flopped a flush draw to knock out another player. Then four handed this hand comes up:

If that hand holds I think the tournament is over as I would've had a huge chip lead going into three handed play against two players who I had good reads on and weren't the best. But it didn't and I became short again when:

I didn't feel too bad since it was against the same player who had AJs beat my AQs. Turnaround is only fair play right? That player went out shortly after that hand and we played for a pretty long time three handed until this hand:

I think his minraise in the hand was pretty bad. He has a good hand but a lot of his strength is that he has two big draws. With a hand like that you're not really looking to get called since even against a hand like ace high you're not a huge favorite. You want to maximize your fold equity and know that if you do get called you should have a lot of outs.

The heads-up match last for about fifteen minutes. I think I three bet him preflop three times and every time he reshoved on me and then showed me a big hand. It finally ended when I raised AQs and he shoved AKo and it held for him. He had shoved a few times over my open raises so it was just unlucky that I ran into AKo there.

Badgers Are Not Good Bloggers

Just a quick one again. Turned 26 on Wednesday and had a great day up until I got home and realized I had lost my keys somewhere while out at the bars. So had to deal with that hassle all Thursday but at least it kept my mind off that horrible holiday that follows my birthday.

I got a belated birthday present today though when I took 2nd in a Stars $50 freezeout that had almost 900 runners. First place was just over $11k and for second place I got $6.3k. I was also up a few buy-ins at cash games today so it was great day.

I'm going to be out of town on Saturday but I'm hoping to be back on Sunday in time to play the Stars $2 Million Tourney, the FTOPS main event, and the Stars Million. I'll put a blog up with more details on tonight's tourney and recap whatever happens on Sunday. I'm still trying to get the hand of this blogging thing.

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