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More Of The Same

BadgerPro I stayed away from tournaments for the most part this week and stuck mostly to the cash games. I didn't put as many hours in actually playing this week either. I spent more time reading the forums and thinking about game strategy and theory as well as disguising some hands with other players to try and figure out any leaks I have right now.

I really don't think there is too much wrong with my game right now. When I get frustrated and go on tilt is only time I don't think I'm playing profitably. With this tournament downswing and the slow to break even progress in cash games it's been pretty tough lately to stay off of tilt. Many times I'll start out playing my 'A' game just to take some bad beats or coolers early. Sometimes I'm able to laugh it off but other times I can tell it affects my game. I am getting better at controlling it and as I get through this little rough patch here I will defintiley be able to stay off tilt easier and there have been a few ridiculous spots lately that have really pushed my patience to the limits.

I did play two tournament this week. Both of them were $50 freezeouts on Stars. The fist one I played in earlier this week and lost with AA to KK during the first level. Already being fed up with tournaments I decided that was enough of those for the day. Yesterday I jumped in one more little $50 tourney. I built up my stack up nice early having KK hold against ATo and TT against 99 during the second hour. Then my luck turned and I called short stacks shove with AK and he flipped QQ for a classic race. The flop came KJx but the turn brought a T giving him an open ended straight draw which of course got there with a 9 on the river. It's always tougher to take the beat when you see the K flop and know he has two outs or needs runner runner for a straight since even though it was still a flip when the money went in mentally it doesn't feel that way. The very next hand of the tourney there were two limpers and I limped behind on the button with KQo. The flop came down 25Q giving me top pair but there was also a spade flush draw out there. It checked to me thought so I tossed out a 2/3s pot sized bet and the small blind called but everyone else folded. The turn brought the ten of clubs putting two clubs on the board and the small blind led for 2k which was about 1/3 pot leaving himself 4k behind. We were about even in chips and I jammed for my last 4k since I really felt weakness from him like he was on a draw or had a weaker Q. He thought for a little bit and called with 34 of clubs for a straight draw along with a flush draw he picked up on the turn. The river hit his club and sent me to the rail. Winning either the flip or the last hand would have left me with a big stack as the tournament approached the bubble. So the tournament frustrations continue for the time being.

This week brought more snow in Madison and there is more in the forcast for the remainder of the weekend. I haven't gotten out snowboarding yet but I have some plans to go next weekend. Tonight is the Wisconsin vs Marquette basketball game which should be a good battle with Marquette being ranked above the Badgers but the game is at the Kohl center here in Madison where the Badgers are deadly. After the game it's the Mayweather vs Hatton fight. After watching some of the prefight coverage I'd really like to see Hatton win but it's not a big deal to me and I just hope it's a good fight... that ends in a knockout. It's always more entertaining when it doesn't have to go to the judges.

Gotta run though as my buddy, Colin, who I have season tickets to the basketball games with is here to pick me up. Sorry if there's any big errors in the blog I usually give it a quick read over but don't have a spare minute this time.


EdmondDantes says

Hunting was good and Green Bay's's all good when that happens, right?


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