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The Upside of Down

BadgerPro I don't want to make it official yet but I think the downswing and the running bad is finally coming to an end. I'm not running good yet but I'm definitely not running bad anymore. Last night I finished in 13th in the Full Tilt Fifty Fifty and tonight I finished in 12th. So definitely getting closer.

Cash games were even starting to turn on me toward the end of this week as I was losing pretty much every all in pot I played. I lost to a one outer yesterday when I turned the king high flush and he rivered a gutshot straight flush to beat me. I was starting to think that I couldn't win anymore but then I finally got lucky when I beat AQ with 86 of hearts on a QQ97 two heart board. We got it all in on the turn and I hit the 5 on the river for the straight.

I heard a quote watching TV yesterday that inspired me, "Good is the enemy of great." Which got me motivated to really get back to studying and working to improve my poker game. Everytime I hit a downswing I usually read a book on poker and watch some videos to try and plug any leaks in my game and everytime I get out of a downswing I feel like my game is stronger. I am tired of being a 'good' player though and my resolution for 2008 is to not settle for being 'good' but work to be great.

The other positive about a downswing is that I find myself in the gym a lot more. The past 3 weeks when the cards haven't been falling my way have been the best 3 weeks of workouts for me in a long time. I've even been putting in a good hour of cardio after my lifts, which is rare for me.

We got another 6 inches of snow on Monday night and I finally got to get out boarding with my buddy Mike on Tuesday night. I was a little rusty at first but it comes back quick. I only got out 4 or 5 times last year but then we didn't get much snow. Hopefully the snow keeps up this year and I can hit the slopes a little more.


lakong says

"Good is the enemy of great." That's one that I often cite. I think it really hits on some important concepts that we need to remind ourselves if we want to reach our goals -- assuming they are lofty.

I look forward to hearing about some great scores. It sounds like we'll be reading about them soon!


lakeoffire says

Nice to hear things are looking up. Stay warm.


EdmondDantes says

It's Dec 23rd, so I'm thinking you're up to about 5th in the FT 50/50, yes? Have a good Christmas! P.S. In keeping with the Upside of Down theme, how about a pic of you airborne on the 'board, pre-faceplant?


lakong says

Happy New Year!!


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