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Disappointing December

Yep basically December was a repeat of November losing roughly 50 avg. buy ins. Over and over I lost big pots with way the best of it or a coin flip in crucial situations, but really that's tournament poker. You can only work on your mistakes. Bemoaning the fact that you got it in as a 95% favorite on the turn and lost really doesn't do anything but lead to negative thoughts, which in turn can effect your play.

I had taken about 12 consecutive days off work to grind in December then a couple of days this month. I didn't grind much in December mostly to running bad. It's just not that much fun when you're in the midst of a 100 buy in downswing.

January started out fairly disappointing as I bubbled the UB $25/8k when my AdTd< 77 on a T7d6dA board for a monster cl. I was 2/10 at the time and of course ran into the a cooler vs the only guy who could bust me. Everyone else at the table could only bring me down to 20bbs. I don't think there's anything worse in mtt poker then having a really bad run then in your latest mtt you get very lucky and play well just to get coolered to bubble the ft.

2 sessions later I finished 4th in the ftp $26/28k for 2.3k which was much needed. Everything went very well until the ft where I got coolered 2x and lost one too many 60/40s but I'm not complaining after my long downswing. I'm very optimistic starting a new year. In 2008 I started with a 1.7k bank roll and despite running like shit the last 2.5 months managed to finish with a 5.2k roll. Certainly I didn't make huge money but surely making $7/hr while enjoying your hobby can't be a bad thing. Last year my goal was to have a 10k bank roll which meant I had to make 8.3k, I fell well short of that goal. My goal for this year is to make 10k and I think the odds of me making 15k+ this year are much better then even money.

Best of luck in 2009 guys!!!

October/November Review

This was really the tale of 2 completely different months. After having record profit months in August and September I followed up with another record month in October. October was looking really gruesome as I had almost zero cashes then I had a session where I got deep in 3 mtts. I finished in the top 30 of a 33/10k for around a $100 cash. I finished 2nd in a stars 16.50 for $950 and 6th in a stars 55/70k for 3k. I feel like I left alot of money on the table as I didn’t tighten up with my opening range nor did I loosen up my 4 betting range in teh 70k and just straight up played way too laggy. Part of the reason is the $16.50 ft took forever, especially when we were 3 handed. I was pretty unlucky to finish 2nd. I got it in vs the other good player and lost to a 3 outer and the bad player who was left kept donking off most of his stack then getting lucky. HU vs the good player I just didn’t tighten up. As a whole I should’ve tightened up around the ft bubble of the 70k as the field was very soft at the ft.

November was like October except I had no cashes over $104. After such a good October I moved up my average buy in and had my worse month ever. Not much to say other then I ran like dogshit. I reviewed my play and I’ve studied some videos and have shored up a couple of leaks such as not stealing enough in lp and not cbetting often enough when I steal and miss the flop in position. I’ve also stopped restealing as often. Obv I’ll still find spots to resteal but why put a 25bb stack at risk when you can steal winning small pots with little risk of losing your stack or get a chance to get your stack in with way the best of it.

More blogs to come in the next week.

September Review

September was my most profitable month ever. After grinding and grinding and studying I finally got my 2nd 4 figure score and my best cash when I took down the ftp Daily Double A for $2200. It was a sort of weird mtt, I didn't get a lot of good starting hands. When I did get a hand I won about the maximum. The big pots that I won included limping pretty deep 1.5 hrs into the mtt with 44, flopped a set and more then doubled up vs a guy who called my flop raise with K high then gave me 2 streets of value when he turned a K.

The next really big pot I won was with JJ where I got 3 callers, Qxx flop was checked around, I called a turn bet against 99 and won at showdown. A bit late in the mtt iir it was close to just in the money I raised AK with 30bbs, an unknown 3 bet me and I shipped vs AA and sucked out. With around 17 players left a guy mr utg got 3 callers, I shipped 18bbs w/AA utg snapcalled with KK and I won a huge pot. 3 handed the button raised, sb called, I held AA for the 2nd time in the mtt and made a pot sized raise. The button folded and the sb reshipped with KK and gg him.

This win was huge for me as now I have the roll to play up to $75 mtts if I want. The biggest benefit of having a bigger roll is the amount of choices I have to play mtts. For now almost any time I play I can find at least 6 mtts that I'm rolled for.

So Hooray for upswings!!!

August Review

I had kind of an odd month, I broke out of my life nit ways and got a 52" tv along with a ps3 so that I could watch blu-rays. So far I've watched part 1, 2, & 3 of Planet Earth which I originally saw on tv on the discovery channel in sd. It's basically a documentary about the most amazing wild places on earth including the animal/plant life. Even if you hate documentaries about animals you're doing yourself a disservice if you have an hdtv and a br player not to watch this if for only the scenery. I also watched "The Golden Compass" which was pretty cool as well.

As far as poker goes it was a mixed bag. While I had my best poker month ever +$740 I was a huge coinflip in the stars $55/70k from going to the final table feeling like I was the best player there. I guess I run bad before the final table in $55 mtts. Out of 15 or so 55s I've cashed in 4 including a 17th, 13th, and the latest which was an 11th place finish. Essentially I raised AKs on the button BelowAbove shoved freakin 29bbs with 77 and of course I lose and bink I go from feeling like I was in control of the table and the rest of the field with a good stack to out for a $652 pay day. This was my 2nd best cash ever.

I followed the 11th place finish with a win in a 11/180 for $540 on my next session which is my 3rd best cash. This was easily the craziest ft I've ever played, I managed to play around 650 hands, I believe most of these 180s will finish around 450-500. When it started the average stack was 32bbs, there were 3 guys with more then 18bbs which included me. Me and the other big stacks essentially lost all our all ins vs small stacks. I went from up to 40bb->7bb->100bb->12bb to getting heads up with a 3:1 chip disadvantage to pwning the guy headsup and winning.

I guess even though I don't have great results I am up 1.8k for the year. Easily if I win a flip here or there I've got a 5 figure bank roll but whatever we can only control what happens once we put money in the pot. I continue to grow as a player as I put the work in which involves reviewing a couple of hhs per week, going over hh posts, watching vids, and of course playing as much as possible. I think a few big things that I've improved upon since the beginning of the year is playing a big stack more effectively, being more aggressive on the bubble, and playing post flop.

It's been awhile.

I know everyone has been waiting and waiting for me to post a blog /sarcasm. Not much has happened for me in the last month or so since I last posted poker wise. My MO has stayed the same as it has since February, pwn the smaller field mtts and get fucked in the larger ones with 5 figure guarantees. I haven’t made a ft with a 5 figure guarantee in months. I continue to post, review a couple of my mtts each week and feel I’m getting better. Since late February when I had my highest cash of 1.3k I’ve essentially done a little worse then BE as I’m down about $600 since then. I feel I’m somewhere between a spewy lag and a guy that is a smart/good lag. I guess there’s nothing I can do but keep my nose to the grindstone and keep playing/improving.

As far as what’s going on in my life I’ve decided to hold off on buying a house until I pay off my car. I really don’t want to be living paycheck to paycheck, being a bachelor I have only me to count on making mortgage payments. I’ll have to wait until after February to pay off my car.

I finally bought the big screen TV I’ve been wanting for years. I got a 52″ Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 last Friday. I have yet to tweak the settings to get that perfect picture, but it looks fantastic. I spent more then most people would and that’s simply because I’m a bit of a videophile. I couldn’t settle for an off brand as I would notice poor black levels, artifacts, back lighting leakage, among other things often found with generic brand tvs. You can maybe live with a poorer quality lcd tv if it is less then 50 inches, anything bigger and those deficiencies are noticeable. I did get a good deal though, at most places online and b&m regular price is 3k, I got it for under 2.4k. Here is a link to the TV I bought: TV Link
Until next time, Later.
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